Walden Farms vs Choc Shot

This is a very short post because there is no debate in my mind….

Walden Farms Chocolate Syrup kicks Sweet Freedom’s Choc Shot ass.  It isn’t as watery and it has a better and less synthetic chocolate taste.

You can see I love them by the fact they are emptying, and the Choc Shot isn’t!

I can’t compare any other flavours because this is the only one that crosses over.  I can however say that I absolutely and categorically prefer all the Walden Farms syrups over anything that Sweet Freedom have produced.

I wish Dubai could have the full range of Walden Farms products but I am happy for the moment that I have found 3 of the sweet syrups – pancake, caramel and chocolate.  Don’t the blueberry and strawberry syrups sound amazing too though?!

I did find their Alfredo and their Arrabbiata pasta sauces at Waitrose this weekend and plan on trying those when I have a day where pasta doesn’t feature in my lunch box.  Much as I could eat it all day ever day, I’m pretty sure it’s not that great to have that much of it!

So there you have it.  My whole post on low cal and low syn chocolate sauces.  Naturally melting a chocolate bar and pouring it over everything would be much nicer, but this is much healthier!!

Yay for Walden Farms!!!

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