Burgers & Bubbles

So it turns out that there is a really good reason that I don’t drink during the week.  I am too old and my hangovers are way too bad.  That said, I had such a great night at the Firebird Diner that I only marginally care how rough I feel right now!

Firebird Diner is the American style offering from the Four Seasons at DIFC.  It’s a concept done to death in my mind and most fall way short of the mark.  Not so much this place.  It’s decor is bright and clean, and well, American Diner style.  I don’t know what else to say really!

What I do know I am going to say is that their Ladies Night offering, Burgers & Bubbles, is awesome!!

The deal is that ladies get free flowing bubbles from 7pm, and then they also get 50% off any burgers.  Two of my favourite things in one night.  How can that go wrong?!

One way it could have gone wrong is if their prosecco had been too sweet.  But it wasn’t, despite being pink!  It was really dry and very nice.  Also, when they say free flowing they really mean that.  My glass was never empty.  Literally.  No  matter how hard I tried.  Apparently, I tried very hard if you ask my head.

Better than the prosecco however was the burgers.  In fact, I think they are some of the best burgers in Dubai.  They are absolutely in my top 3 though.

I had the American burger, which is a double “smashed’ patty with American cheese, onions (which I switched for cooked onions rather than raw), pickles and mustard.  Epic burger.  I want another one straight away.  Like, now.  For lunch.

Accompanying the epic burger were duck fat fries.  They too were epic.  But what really finished me off and cemented my love of this place was the side of mayo and ‘homemade’ hot sauce.  That’s right.  They make their own hot sauce.  It is categorically the BEST hot sauce I have had outside of Bermuda.

So, to recap: Very nice bubbles, epic burgers, epic fries, and the best hot sauce in the country.

Why aren’t you booking already?!

Drunken photography “skills”!!

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  1. I agree with not drinking on the weekend! Burger sounds yummy too!

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