Blaze Burgers… the Verdict


There are no good words to start this, so have a picture instead…..


Blaze Burgers on JBR is where you will find the “6abooc-a Burger”, aka the Brick Burger.

The Boy and I have been borderline fantasising about this place since the restaurant launched itself in a blaze (!) of photos advertising possibly one of the the most amazing looking burgers I’ve ever seen. But it’s in JBR which is just a mission from Downtown if you’re not in the mood.

We totally found the mood so off we toddled to the other end of town after a very successful shopping trip resulting in not one but 3 pairs of Nine West shoes and a bunch of stuff from Monsoon!

(I never luck out like that, so had to brag a little!)

Parking is a bit of a mare, as a heads up. You can valet park on the main strip, or there is a public paid parking garage on the block beforehand. But that is literally my last complaint!

When you walk into a restaurant and this is the first sign you see….

Amen to that!

… you know you’re in the kind of place you are going to like. (You also wonder if you should put a photo of it as your new blog header!)

You are greeted by one of a host of super friendly (but not annoying or invasive) servers with your menu, and an explanation that you order from the till and then will be served at your table.

After you place your order you are shown to the condiments section, armed with a small shopping basket ready to fill up on your choice of sauces.

Green hot sauce!!!

The mayo is served to your table because it’s a really good one that comes chilled. They nearly won with that, but the fact they also had green hot sauce was the finisher for me. I love the stuff and the only time I’ve seen it in Dubai is when it’s been green Tabasco, which sucks.

Selection of deliciousness!

The menu isn’t huge but it doesn’t need to be when the star is a double patty cheese burger between two grilled cheese sandwiches! I kid you not!

The question is, would it live up to all the social media photos and professional bloggers opinions?


Oh. My. Actual. YES!!!!!!

Not only did it pass the cheesey challenge but it passed the taste test with flying colours too!

When you choose your burger, you also have to choose your toppings. It’s a fantastic idea that not only allows you to personalise your burger to your taste, but means you can keep going back and trying different combinations!

Unless you’re me, and you hit the nail on the head on your first attempt!

Winner, winner, cheesy burger dinner!

Would you just look at that thing of beauty!

I picked the Blaze Original topping to go on my Brick Burger, which consisted of lettuce, tomato, pickles, ketchup, mustard, homemade pickled onions, cheddar cheese and burned cheddar.

I have to say I wasn’t that convinced that I wouldn’t pull half of those things out but there was something intriguing about having both regular and burnt cheddar cheese in one place.

It was a winning combination. You got the gooey cheese and then a crunch too. I know some people wouldn’t understand the need for more cheese when the burger patties are nestled between two toasted cheese sandwiches, but I don’t trust those kinds of people threfore don’t care what they think!!!!

In all honesty, the beef (2x 100g US Angus patties) has such a beautiful flavour and is so moist and tender, that you don’t lose it to the cheese. If they had used an inferior beef then that would have a valid concern. Thankfully, someone who actually likes and eats burgers designed this menu!!

The Boy had a Brick Burger too, but his topped with Chilli Con Carne, onions, jalapeño, smokey sauce and American cheese. He was kind enough to let me have a bite, and it was tasty. Not something I would order but the flavour combination really worked well. The chilli wasn’t too hot, and the cheese worked with it. It felt very Texan!

A kind of cowboy feeling burger!

For some reason he also ordered the chilli cheese fries. I’m not sure why. They were very tasty though… but I think the smokey sauce on the burger rounded the chilli off perfectly. Without it, it just wasn’t the same.

Meh.  I prefer less chilli!

I had plain fries so that I could try the selection of mayonnaise based dips I had! I made more after this photo was taken, too. Who doesn’t love hot sauce or sriracha mixed with mayo?!

Green hot sauce in mayo!  Hellooooo!!!

Can I just point out again that the green hot sauce was a complete winner?!

I’m hungry again looking at this!

I have to say, I couldn’t finish the burger and hardly touched the fries. The burger was huge… and perfect! I am not complaining or suggesting it should be made any smaller. If I hadn’t been good on my diet all week, I would have eaten it all and probably still had room for one of their amazing sounding desserts!


As it was, we had to make use of these very aptly named wet wipes! I think I was probably wearing most of the burger around my face and my hands were definitely a bit sticky!

Would I go back? In a bloody heartbeat!! I think it’s a really fair price too. I have no complaints and I honestly can’t wait to go back… or for them to open in Downtown!!

The Damage

Now I have finished prattling on, I would like to introduce you to a new segment….


I am The Boy. A man of many faces. The mask I wear is one.

After discussing this burger several times with The Lady over the last few weeks, we decided to go and try it.

I ordered the Brick Burger with chilli con carne. A wise choice. I wouldn’t order it again as it took away from the taste of the burger. However it was in the top 3 burgers I have ever tried in my life.

Chilli con carne fries were perhaps too much. Normal fries would have sufficed.

All in all, a very tasty burger.

All my opinions are my own and remember children, I only have one name. Well, two if you count “The Boy”.

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