Post Xmas Lunch Waddle

Because let’s be honest… that is exactly what it was!  I had eaten so much that you probably could have rolled me around!  Mum was more sensible than me but declined on the pushing so I took off my very high heeled (for me) shoes and off we went!

Al Qasr is conveniently located next to Madinat Jumeirah.  I always think of it as a souq but actually it is a network of shops, restaurants, bars, cafes and hotels.  The shopping area is all done up to be, in my mind, a Disney style of old Arabic architecture, and I absolutely LOVE it!  Most things are over priced, but it’s a great place to take tourists when they come over.  They can shop and then you can have dinner, all while over looking the Burj Al Arab.

The most photographed view of the Burj!

They totally had made an effort for Christmas too!  Look….

Tree and Burj – proud of my skills!

That was one of many trees dotted around the place.  Like this…

Enter a caption

There was also decorations hanging from the ceiling in places.

So pretty!

It also shows you the inside of the souq so you can see how pretty it is!

After a while though we had walked the whole way around and yet still weren’t ready to go home yet.  Mummy knew absolutely how to solve this provlem though… we went on an Abra ride aound the resort!

We paid our AED 80 (which was a bit steep but it was Christmas!) and sat on the boat ready to go.  Abra’s are the shallow bottomed wooden boats that ferry people to one side of Dubai Creek to the other.  This version is a little more robust looking, thankfully, and much more comfortable!

We had quite a wait as there were people randomly turning up in drips and drabs.  We decided to do an impromptu photo shoot while we waited.  Needless to say I look like the side of a house in all of them due to the aforementioned rolling state, so I will not be sharing any!!!!

It was then time to go.  The boat takes you all around the canals of the resort.  I hadn’t realised it was actually seawater which when I think about it is rather daft as I knew there is a section round by the Mina Al Salam that has a turtle enclosure!

Have some photos:

No clue what this is but I liked the view!
Reverse angle of Al Qasr!
I think this is Pad Thai?

I think that my personal highlight was seeing Santa’s water sleigh though.  That was awesome.  Shame he was no where to be found.

Santa was no where to be found though.

Once we had seen the rest, the nice boat driver man took us around to take some beautiful photos of the Burj Al Arab from the water.  Again, we attempted some decent photos to share with friends and family, mostly to make them jealous, but I ruined them.  Given that I am not actually a hugely vain person, you can just imagine how dreadful they were!  Never take a photo of a fat chick with an “up” angle!  Terrible!!

We did get a couple of stunning photos of the Burj though….

Double impressive!

And my selfies were a winner because they cut out the bulging bits!!!

Tourist Shot!
Me and my beautiful Mummy!

Such a lovely little time out of walking around and actually, worth the AED 80 to see the resort from the water.  It’s such a beautiful place.  One day when I am a grown up, I would love to stay in one of the water front cottages.

All too soon our little ride was over and we were faced with the prospect of getting a taxi home again… until I saved the day this time!  I remembered that there was a lovely rooftop bar back at Al Qasr where we could have a couple of cocktails to end this wonderful day.

By the time we got to the bar though we were just plain thirsty so instead of cocktails, we had a diet 7up each and watched the last of the sun seep out of the sky.

Even more impressive at night!

It really was such a fabulous day and I am so thrilled that I could share it with my Mummy.

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