The Spectacular ‘La Perle’

Wow, wow and wow again!

After a terribly long and hard day of tanning, Mum and I got all prettied up and headed out to see the new-ish extravaganza written, designed and choreographed solely for Dubai.  It is literally the only place you will ever see this in the world.

Seeing La Perle is an absolute must.

“Dragone” is Franco Dragone, the genius creative director.

Although this has been on everyone elses “to do list” since it opened, it didn’t really feature heavily on mine.  I’m not a great fan of Cirque style acrobatics.  They are great but after a while it is all just the same… or that’s what I thought.

Please stop reading now if you haven’t seen it, and want to watch it with as it should be – with no expectations or preconceptions!!

I will ramble a bit more to make sure you don’t get any spoilers!!

Friends of mine had tickets to go but sadly came down with novo.  I felt so bad for them.  Having recently had the same I knew how dreadful they would be feeling, but also it’s so much worse when you have to cancel things you’ve been looking forward to.  Although it wasn’t really something I had a huge urge to see, it would be something different for Mum and I thought she might quite like it, and I’m pretty happy to go and try most things.  I offered to buy the tickets from my friends, and off we went.  With all of about 2hrs notice!!

We arrived at the venue with plenty of time as I had no clue where we were going aside from it being in Al Habtoor City.  Turns out that giant sign you can see from SZR is the entrance to the theatre type place.

We were so early that we decided to head into City Grill for a drink while we waited.  Turns out this was a really great decision too!  The team were really friendly and the bubbles were divine!!!

Yummy bubbles!

When it was time, we headed down to the auditorium and took our seats.  They were big, comfortable and had plenty of leg room.  The view was amazing too…

I’m not sizing this one so hopefully you can see it better.

Only it turns out that these weren’t our seats at all!  Unbeknownst to us, and badly explained by the ushers, there are seat numbers AND section numbers.  The section numbers are hanging from the ceiling and you have to kind of guess the rest.

We eventually found our way to the right seats, with the help of a different and more helpful staff member, and we were ready to go.  Sadly it turns out the first seats had been in the Gold section and we were now in the Silver.  The difference in space was considerable.  We didn’t dare imagine how small the Bronze seats were but decided they certainly weren’t for people of our generous build!!!

The view was rather good still, and actually, the whole auditorium and show is set up so that wherever you sit you will be able to have an amazing experience.

That round thing is the tiny plunge pool.

Typically not everyone actually arrives on time so the first half hour is punctuated with people being seated.  It is something I am very anti.  I really think that places should shut the doors when it starts and if you’re late then you lose out, rather than allowing those who have the manners to arrive on time have their experience ruined by the rude people.  I think this is why I felt boredom initially.  That and it was mostly interpretive dance and I never get that!!  I wanted the acrobatics!!


I still, even as I am typing this, have no idea whatsoever about the plot.  It is something about the meeting of worlds but that’s about it.  I had a good old search through the programme and there was no explanation there.  There was nothing definitive on line either.  I would love to chat with Mr. Dragone and get to the bottom of it, but in the meantime…

There is a lady running around who looks a lot like Phryne Fisher from Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries but dressed akin to Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz but more spinney-outy like Baby’s dress in Dirty Dancing.

There is a dude with a pearl.  That had to feature somewhere obviously.  It gets thrown in to the lake a lot.

There is a fat bottomed King.

There is a tall skinny King, or he was a jester to the king but dressed the same way sort of.

There is a warrior chap with bad hair who Miss Fisher hugs a lot.

And there is an awesome Chinese dragon type dog.

More than that I have absolutely nothing… aside for admiration and awe.  The performers make you realise how much you could do with your body if you weren’t addicted to junk food, the couch and Netflix.  The sets transport you all over the place from the dessert, to Africa, to New York and probably a bunch more places in between.  The music surrounds you and fills your mind with different feelings as the story plays out, despite you having no clue what the story is!

A couple of (badly photographed) highlights though were the waterfalls flooding the stage…

Sorry for the fuzzy!

… the man running and jumping around the moving spinning thing….

Scary enough before it started moving!

… the motorbike dudes…

… the Chinese dragon type dog….

No idea why he was fighting a huge leopard print alien.

… and for some reason, my favourite was the shuffling fat bottomed King…

Also see him in the pic of the whirling thingie above!

I think that he was heartbroken when Miss Fisher went off with Warrior Dude which is why he presented him with a giant set of pearls because he knew he would immediately run off and given them to her, and then she would always have something from the King with her.

Poor fat bottomed King

Well, that is what I decided anyway.  I think that is half the beauty of this type of show.  You can make your own story line along with it.

Have you seen it?  Was your story?!

I am going to end this with just more pictures because I am literally out of words for this unbelievable show, aside to say that if you a) live here and haven’t seen it, go asap, and b) if you are heading here on vacation, make sure to book this in and have dinner at City Grill afterwards.

Please Note: I wasn’t breaking the rules.  You are given permission to take photos and videos throughout the performance as long as you don’t have the flash on.  I was one of the 99% of people who respected the no flash rule at least which is why half my photos suck!

(I bet the non-respectful ones were the ones who were late, too!)

First sighting of the leopard print alien
Fuzzy again because they are moving so fast!
Lampost pole dancing!
Fat Bottomed King’s House
Africa, maybe?
Warrior dude with pearl guy
Not a clue but I loved the sky!
Weird carousel thing for the finale and clapping!


I forgot!!!

We went back to City Grill after the show and had some more bubbles accompanied by some very delicious nibbles!!!


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Jane says:

    Love the commentary! (I can totally picture you saying “I just don’t get interpretive dance” ) its like I was there with you and your mum in the audience! Sounds fab! Xx

    1. LOL! It was really good and I would happily go again if I had guests… hint, hint!!! xx

  2. Karen says:

    I’m so pleased you and your mum were able to use the tickets, one for us to still go and see as it sounds amazing! Thanks for helping in our sick need 😊

    1. It really is fantastic. I hope you get to see it soon! Xx

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