Big Bus Tour – Part 5, Or, The Green Route

We jumped back on our bus at the Spice Souk and were very pleased to see that our calculations had been correct.  Our bus wasn’t over crowded and we took our seat for the final leg of the Red Route.

Different view of the city

We drove past the Frame again and I have to say, it’s much more impressive looking when it has sunlight to shine on it!


Our master plan was to get back to Dubai Mall, grab a coffee and a sandwich and settle back for the Green Route’s ride.

We skipped the coffee and sandwich because there wan’t anything nice sounding, and sat back ready to watch the beach route go by.  Only it wasn’t very beachy and the wind had really whipped up.  We looked a bit interesting by the time we got to MOE.  And, I was frozen!  It was my fault.  I hadn’t realised just how un-costal the ride was!

There literally isn’t much to say about this bit section because we didn’t leave the bus.  First stop would have been the public beach at Jumeirah.  We had done that already (here).  Then the Burj Al Arab which we had take a fair few pictures of already (here, for example).  Then Madinat (ditto the last link).  Finally it stops at MOE which we have been to a bunch of times and can think of much more interesting ways to spend our time than just looking at shops we can mostly get at home!

So there… nice and short update before getting onto the final part of the Big Bus Series!!!

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