Dubai Garden Glow (The Parks, Part 1)

In order to get over the crazy amount of “doing” that we did on the Big Bus Tour, Mum and I ended up having a lovely quiet day of treats the following day.  We had a lovely breakfast at Cafe Barbera, dresses made at Deepa’s in Satwa, we had our nails done at N.Bar, we had lunch at Noodle House (PF Changs was full sadly!) and then we went to the cinema to watch a brilliant film called Molly’s Game at Reel Cinema’s Platinum Suites in Dubai Mall.

That turned out to be fairly tiring too, so the next day we really took it easy.  We had a pool day, read our books, and then had nice pizza’s for supper.  But that felt a bit boring so we decided another adventure was in order!

Cue Dubai Garden Glow!

Start as you mean to go on!

This place is MEGA!!

I have driven past it 101 times and haven’t thought anything of it.  However, when you have a visitor in town who has been a bunch of times already, you need to find new places to go.  This ticked the list perfectly.

At AED 60 for entry, it’s really affordable and it is worth every fil!  We had such a great time walking around and taking photos.  The park is open from 4pm but we figured that there was no point in going that early for a light show!  We got there just after 7pm and actually didn’t leave until well past 11pm.

There is a couple of reasons for this.  Firstly, there is just so much to see.  Secondly, there are additional bits that we didn’t know about until we got there – but they are for parts 2 and 3!!

As you walk around you are blown away by just how big some of the installations are, and how diverse they are.  It’s not one theme all the way around, although there is a different them per area.

I don’t know what they are meant to be, but we decided there was:

Alice in Wonderland

Card tunnel
Giant coffee pot!
More bubbles!
Umbrella or lampshade!?


Cute but a bit scary!
Giraffe are my favourite!
Butterflies in the umbrella trees!
“Happy Forest”
Beautiful flowers!



Seaworld – slightly different to the American one!
This was my favourite tunnel
Fish, and turtles and stuff!
Colourful underwater world!

There was also a bunch of random stuff that was nice to look at!!

Love, love, LOVED the peacocks!
Swan lake?
NO clue but pretty!
Shk. Mohammed’s hand sign thingie!
It makes me fairly happy!
I do heart Dubai!!
Flying horse with a Cinderella carriage?
Peter Rabbit, apparently!
No clue but pretty!

On top of all this there is a DJ for live music (well, there was on the Friday we were there) and a stage where kids danced.  I guess they have things on there but we didn’t see anything!


There is also loads of food options.  Nothing healthy but tasty for sure!  I was quite sad that we had pizza at home because it would have been fun to have a munch as we were ambling about!

I would really recommend that anyone go along.  It was full of families but there were also adults with no kids so it’s not creepy if you go with a bunch of your friends!!

Now to tell you about the extra bits… but on a new post or there will be way too many photos in one place!!

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