The Dinosaur Park (The Parks, Part 2)

Yes, that’s right.  There is a Dinosaur Park in Dubai!  Not only that, it’s covered in the AED 60 cover charge for Dubai Garden Glow!

Light up sign because Glow Gardens, you know!

Now, I have to confess that I really was a bit disheartened when I heard there was a dinosaur exhibit at the park.  I don’t think even when I was doing that bit at school I had much interest.  I still don’t now.  At all.

Mum however was really quite excited because a) she is still a teacher at heart, and b) my darling niece (her much adored granddaughter!!) is inexplicably obsessed with dinosaurs!  Because Mum was so excited by it, it kind of rubbed off a little but I was still happily the photographer while she went around doing the learning bit.

My niece thought this was funny!  That’s why we took it so am happy it worked!

And learn she did!  There were so many that she didn’t know about!  Harry could have yet another bucket of dinosaurs if the author wants to do more in the series!!!

First was this cute little dude:

My personal favourite!

Then things got a bit exciting:

Feels all Jurassic Park!

After that, it was giant dino after giant dino…

Baby Pterodactyl; from the Jurassic period.  Technically not a dinosaur but close enough because they lived at the same time.
This creepy fecker is a Deinonychus, possibly.
Triceratops was found in North America during the Jurassic Period.
Allosaurus, again North American Jurassic, but also found in Europe and Africa. (And looks like a mini T-Rex with a party hat!)
Tyrannosaurus Rex translates to ‘King of the Tyrant Lizards’.
Velociraptor means “Swift Thief” and is The Boy’s favourite thanks to YouTube.  (See link at the end of this post!)
Wuerhosaurus is one of the younger ones, and found in China.
This Thai dinosaur is called an Isanosaurus.
I’m voting this one is a Diplodocus, which translates to “Arm Lizard”!!  My new favourite!!
The Placerias was found in Queensland in the Triassic period.

I took this video for my niece as the T-Rex is her favourite!

So that was that.  It was quite amusing really, and not quite as boring as I had feared.  What was really lovely though is to see how excited the kids were, and how many of the little ones thought the dinosaurs were real.  That was probably my highlight.  I loved the innocence.

Oh wait… no… my favourite was the rude woman who had been pushy and obnoxious all the way from the queue to buy tickets onward,  jumping out of her skin and screaming when one of the exhibits ‘came to life’.  Stupid mare.

I do have a mini confession before I finish this post though; I literally knew which the T-Rex, the Pterodactyl (yep… had to google the spelling!) and the Volociraptor  were.  That’s it.  Aside from the “tri-thingie one” which is obvs it’s real name, of course!  The reason I have managed to put any info with this posts photos is that I found a great little list of the dinosaurs exhibited on the park’s website!!

As an aside, click here to see why Volociraptor’s make terrible pets!!!

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  1. I never knew about this! Thanks for sharing the info! Pics look so real!!

    1. We both learned something new from our blogs! Awesome!!

  2. sandramother says:

    I am so loving revisiting my holiday through your blog xx

    1. I am glad you like the posts! It was such a fun holiday! xx

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