The Ice Park (The Parks, Part 3)

The third part of our exciting parks adventure was the Ice Park.  It is again in Dubai Garden Glow.  Right in the middle.  It isn’t included in the original cover charge, and will cost an additional AED 60.  Or maybe AED 65?  I should have paid a little more attention to that! Sorry!

Check out the cute little penguin in the “C”!!

Is it worth it?  Yes and no!

Yes – because the sculptures are gorgeous.  They are well done and super impressive.

Such detail.

No – because it’s not huge, people pack themselves in, and because the lighting is terrible for photographs!!!

Rather good plane!

The absolute worst bit is the coats.  Orange is not my colour.  Well, not this shade anyway.  Especially when countless people have been wearing them.  Many who appear not to know the positive uses for deodorant.  Blugh

It wasn’t hard to look as displeased at the orange as I do!

That said I am really pleased we went in.  I got to have my photo taken with my office building (not pictured here because of the aforementioned horrendous outfits you’re made to wear!!).  But mainly because Mummy made a new friend!

So, as were are queuing for our coats this super excitable and small lady comes over and asks for a photo with us.  This is not the first time I have been asked by small people for a photo and it still humours me.  So we duly pose for a photo and move on.

When we have our coats the tiny lady comes back over and assists Mum getting hers on.  Forcibly.  For someone so small she certainly was not someone to argue with.  She and Mum have a lovely chat while the coat wrangling is happening.  She is from Pakistan and over for the holidays to look after her husband.  Bless.

New best friends!!

Off we all trot into the freezing cold ice room.  Not even being British and used to the cold helps with this.  It is sub-zero.  It’s still not enough to make me like the coats but I was a little thankful for the warmth of it!

Just as we have nearly got out, little lady appears again for more photos.  By this point I am amused but am not having a photo of me in this hideous coat doing the rounds so I decline.

Mum doesn’t because she is nicer than I am!

More photos!

Then the best part – she actually follows us around recording a video on her husbands phone!  To his credit he was mortified and tried to stop her but like I said before, she may be small but she was mighty and he lost!

I have no clue why she was so taken with us but it literally was one of the highlights of our whole holiday.  That and trying to hide around ice sculptures until she had vanished!! We honestly laughed so much our faces and stomaches ached!

Anyway, now you’re filled in on the humour, have some more photos of the pretty!!

The “C” could use re-doing!
Emirates Towers
Burj Khalifa
Got to have an ice camel!
Cold weather birds!
This was the best sculpture.  Shame it didn’t photograph well.
More dinosaurs!
Wall of horses!


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  1. I’ve been in Dubai 25 years and never been to any of the parks! Loving your article and photos

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