La Mer

I love the beach.  Huge fan.  It’s one of the things I miss most about Bermuda is having really accessible beaches that are nice and close.  However, I have moved on a little since those days and really love myself a nice sun lounger to tan in comfort.

There are lots of nice beaches down at the Marina end of town, but not so many at the Downtown side.  That is until recently.  We now have La Mer!

Yep… we did!

La Mer is a beach side restaurant area, with a few shops thrown in at the Jumeirah Mosque end of the city.  Not sure exactly how else to describe it!  Naturally, it’s on the coast which is why there is a beach!  Apparently it is on a bus route (but I’ve not been on one of those since 2011) and I know it’s easy to drive to.  There is underground parking too which is essential!!

This post will mostly be photographs in fairness, but before I start them I just want to say…


You can hire sun loungers, towels and umbrellas as single items or as a package deal.  There is a set price so no haggling, but it’s reasonably good value for money:

1 Sunbed = AED 60
1 Sunbed Bundle = AED 100 (this includes 1 sunbed, 1 umbrella and 1 towel)
2 Sunbed Bundle = AED 180 (this includes 2 sunbeds, 1 umbrella and 2 towels)
1 Umbrella = AED 50
1 Towel = AED 20

You also need to put down a AED 50 cash deposit for the towels.  Fair enough when I imagine they would go walkies otherwise!!

Alternatively, you don’t actually have to hire anything.  You can rock up with your own towels and chairs, and even a little picnic if you wish.  One good tip is to bring water.  There is no 711 type place to buy any and the restaurants all charge a min of AED 20 for a glass bottle.  Not so great to take on a beach really.

There are very clean bathrooms in little sun huts all the way along.  There is also changing rooms and showers.  Basic but again super clean.  As is the beach btw.  There is no debris floating in the water, there is no rubbish left on the beach, the sidewalks are clean.

The whole area is themed too so there isn’t a corner that isn’t landscaped or detailed.  Even the signs for the bathroom are themed!  One of my favourite things though is the graffiti artwork that is every where.  It’s so well done.  I have no clue who by, but I am a fan.  It’s worth going to see, just for that.

Oh, and if you’re into it, there is a bunch of water sport type stuff to do from pedalos and kayaking to jet skiing and wake-boarding.  Not that I checked any of that stuff out, of course!!

So to recap, it is just a lovely, relaxed, clean and peaceful.  It’s a great day out.

Highly recommended for people on their own, with a group, or families.  There is something for everyone.

I think that will be fun in the summer!
Random boat!
Cute little signs!
Best way of displaying beach do’s and don’t’s I’ve ever seen!
Lovely clear water!
Love that you can still see the burj!!
Best of both worlds!
Decorations to keep the theme going throughout.
The best showers, although very cold apparently!
Showers and restrooms
Even the floor is pretty!
Best way to show people which way the bathrooms are!!
If you can’t be bothered to walk!
I guess you can smoke there!?
No clue what it says!
New one for Mirror Mirror!!
Reminds me of album art in the 80’s!
Not sure love soup would be a best seller!
Too hot to woof!
Not sure why the banana is there!!!

7 Comments Add yours

  1. Expat Panda says:

    I love this place too 🙂

    1. I really have to go back and explore Central and North soon! Such a hard life!!!

  2. linneaurea says:

    I love the beach too! And the sea, mostly the sea 🌊 So beautiful! Loved your pictures, they really make me want to go somewhere truly sunny ☀️

    1. I actually saw photos of snow on the beach at Brighton this week, so have no doubt you need to get somewhere sunny very soon! Stay warm!

      1. linneaurea says:

        Haha yeah, it’s not summer here yet! Thank you, I will 😄

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