Beach Bareburger

Lunch time is a very difficult decision at La Mer.  Not only does each section have different restaurants, there are loads to pick from.  We literally only explored the South side and that proved hard enough!

We settled, after much debate and remembering we were out for dinner that night, on Bareburger but shockingly not because we wanted burgers!  They had great sounding topped fries!  Strange what wins!!

Bareburger – great name!

Bareburger is an American chain that uses wholly organic produce in their restaurants. There is plenty of delicious sounding food choices on the menu and I fully intend to go back one day and try a burger!!

So many choices!

I was a little unsure about the organic sodas that were on offer.  I generally stick to water or diet 7up, but I was in a devil may care attitude towards sugar so plumped for the blood orange soda and Mum had the lemonade.

Need me another one of these!

I am so pleased I did!  It was utterly delicious!  I am not a huge fan of carbonated drinks but this just tasted beautiful.  It was balanced with the sweet of the sugar and the tartness of the blood orange, so it wasn’t clawing at your teeth.  Highly recommended!

Then were the fries…

First up the Macho Fries, which is what caught my eye on the menu.


I am a big fan of fries.  I will eat them about any time of the day to be honest.  It’s very rare that I think they are better topped but this totally was one of those moments.

Macho fries come topped with guac, pico de gallo, cheese sauce and jalapenos.  It’s like nachos but only better!  They come, as you can see, in a big dish so you can mix them up and make sure you have a bit of everything in one bite.  Amazing!

Equally as good but in a less fussy way was the Cheese Fries.

I need a bottle of that sauce!

They are topped with cheese sauce, beef bacon (which I probably would take off next time) and something called “Wham Bam Sauce”.  I have no clue what is in that sauce aside from spicy goodness.  Again, mixed up so you have a little bit of the sauce and a little of the cheese on each and every chip.  Brilliant!

If you are at the La Mer and you want a quick snack rather than a meal, I would recommend these to absolutely.  Probably have more than 2 people if you’re ordering both if you don’t want to be too full!!!

Price wise, the drinks, plus water to take back to the beach, and the fries came to AED 177 which although is a little high for a snack, was well worth it taste-wise.

Worth it!

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