Backyard Movies at the Steigenberger Hotel, Business Bay

Waaaaay back in January I was scrolling through Facebook when an interesting event caught my eye.  The Steigenberger Hotel was doing ourdoor movies, in a bar/restaurant called The Backyard.

I love watching movies under the stars so I phoned (ok, that’s a lie… I whatsapp’d) Carla to see if she would mind moving our Ladies Night from Nezza’s to here.  Thankfully she agreed!

7pm the following Tuesday I was there and ready to go!  The hotel is in Business Bay, just behind Downtown’s Vida really, which makes it a great and easy venue for the majority of people I know!  It also has the advantage of being on the canal, so has some great views!

Love a good water view!

The movie of the night was Grease which we have all seen 100 times, but are happy to see it all over again.  Included in the ticket price of AED 75 is a hot dog, unlimited popcorn (salted) and soft drinks!  Bargain!

I decided that I would walk there for some unknown reason.  Not from my apartment which is fairly close-ish, but from my office which isn’t.  By the time that I had stumbled my last few hundred meters through the door, and had to walk down what felt like the Eiffel Tower of stairs (one flight!),  I needed a glass of wine.

Chilled grape juice!

It was at least during Happy Hour, and I could mix and match promotions so it came with popcorn meaning I was happy again.  I also managed to find a seat under a heater which made me happy too!


I had recovered by the time Carla arrived (I was early, so that’s no reflection on her timekeeping!) and thankful to have had the restorative grape juice so that I could enjoy the rest of my night.  I made myself a little chair nest and settled in while waiting for the movie to start and the hot dogs to arrive.

I have to admit that I wasn’t expecting much from the hot dogs.  I thought that they would be fairly small and that I would have to order another snack to keep me going.  There is, after all, only so much popcorn you can eat without dying of boredom or overdosing in salt!  How wrong I was…

I could destroy this right about now!

They were really good!  They were much bigger than I imagined, and they were really high quality too.  None of this horrible Vienna crap going on here!  They came smothered in ketchup and mayo but you could also ask for American Mustard and they have it in stock.  I’m not sure why people would eat a hot dog without it, but maybe it’s not the most popular topping.

We also ordered a side of chips because we like chips.  They were not necessary, and we didn’t eat much popcorn after that either.


It was such a good night and really good value for money.  I would highly recommend that you all go and try it.  I’ve just had a bit of a google to see if it’s still on, and it is!

The March movies are:


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