Dirty Little Secret

It’s about food, of course, before you get all concerned about what you are about to read!!

Actually, I think it’s more of a guilty pleasure but whatever.

This is the Al Reef Lebanese Bakery on Al Wasl Road.  It’s open 24/7, just as an FYI!

I had to go and have my blood work done for my visa renewal (how quickly does that 2yrs come around, btw?!) and for once, mostly thanks to Day Nurse’s caffeine content, I was awake enough to realise exactly where I was.  The clinic we go to is literally around the corner from the bakery!  Hoorah!!

I decided that since my brain had been so clever and reminded me where I was that it would be disrespectful to my genius to not go in.

I couldn’t tell you what else they offer but they have amazing cheese manakeesh – a cheesy Arabic flat bread for those of you unlucky enough to have never tried one.  The small ones are AED 8 each.  They also are about the size of a dinner plate so really aren’t that small!

I would however advise you to not have a good look around as it doesn’t look like the cleanest of places appearance wise, but I think it actually is just super old rather than manky.  There is only about 2 tables in the place so you can’t sit there comfortably anyway.

Speaking of super old and probably not that manky (although I would NEVER eat in there), Eat & Drink restaurant is just next door and at the right time of day, you can pick up a rotisserie chicken, hummus and pickled salad for just AED 25.

Basically, you can have a meal for 2 for under AED 50 if you visit these two places which are literally doors down from each other!

Who says I only have champagne tastes!?  I like me some lemonade too sometimes!

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