The Great Windsor Walk

One of the fabulous things about being an expat is that you get to meet a bunch of awesome people that you wouldn’t have if you had stayed in your home town.  Not only that, you tend to find serial expats are fairly like-minded and have a great sense of adventure.

One such person is my friend, Justine.

One of the best friends you could ask for.

We actually met in Bermuda, but after a couple of years she moved on to Abu Dhabi.  When I was leaving Bermuda she gave me her recruiter details and I ended up in Dubai.  Basically, it’s all her fault!  Recently though she decided to be a grown up and move home.  It wasn’t a decision I liked but I could understand it.  Selfishly though, I would much prefer if she was in Dubai still!  But she isn’t.  She is in Windsor.

Since I was going to have to amble my way around the M25, and it doesn’t matter which direction we travel as it still takes roughly the same amount of time to get back from Ware, I jumped on the excuse to go the “wrong way” around and stop off to say hello!  Firstly to Justine, but then to her two fabulous furbabies, George and Zeus (who you can follow on Instagram, here).  I am really pretty allergic to them, but they are just so lovely that I have to have cuddles!!


After a little bit of a natter and a sit down, we decided to stretch our legs by walking through Windsor Great Park, to the pub for a traditional Sunday Roast!  Nothing says England more than a walk in the park followed by a roast, especially when it’s not raining and the sun is out!

And the sun was certainly out.  The weather was glorious!  Such blue skies, and then the clouds that were just slowly walking their way across the sky.  As you may know, I totally love clouds.  I think I have always liked them, but since moving to Dubai and rarely seeing any, I love them more.  It’s wonderful to walk along with the sun on your skin, looking up at the fluffy clouds and making images out of them in your mind!

What added to the interest factor of this walk was looking at the set up for the Royal Wedding the following weekend.  We had arrived ahead of the masses of armed police, but certainly not the paparazzi who were walking around taking test shots all over the place.  I am totally sure my ass looks just as good in those pictures as Meghan Markles would have done had she been wearing jeans and not a white frock!!

It was such an enjoyable walk, if not a little on the long side!  By the time we reached the pub we were literally gasping.  It probably would have been wise to have water on arrival, but no.  I decided on wine.  I thoroughly believe that this was only the second worst decision of the day.  The absolute worst was definitely ‘Wine Walking’ back through the park again!  I could barely move the next day!!

I am just going to pop a few photos here now because it really is a lovely park and if you’ve not been, you should.  There isn’t much to say about them aside from “in the park”, or “still in the park”, etc. so please excuse the lack of chat surrounding them!

The start!
Random pokey tree.
I love tree archways!
Not as much as I love clouds!
Halfway point!
Looking back to the Copper Horse
V British… park, castle, clouds, BA plane!!!
Windsor Castle and the end of our walk!

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  1. Justine says:

    Love it but surprised no mention of roastie in the Two Brewers, pics of pub & all the flags around Windsor? xx

    1. Haha! Wait for the next post!!

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