The Two Brewers, Windsor

After our incredibly long walk down the aptly named “Long Walk” in Windsor Great Park, we were thrilled to see that literally next to the Castle was the pub we were booked into for lunch.

Best pub in Windsor!

The Two Brewers is absolutely one of those ‘local knowledge’ places.  I wouldn’t look at it and think it was somewhere that I absolutely HAD to have a meal.  It looks old and a bit grubby.  Also, it’s so popular that you have to book in advance for a table so you need to know it to be able to eat there.  There is no such thing as a walk-in table.  In fairness there aren’t that many bookable tables either.  The place is tiny!

There was this table and ours on this side of the bar.  There is no room for more!

Because the weekend that we visited was the weekend before the Royal Wedding, the place was festooned inside and out with bunting.  Harry and Meghan were smiling down at us from all angles.  I don’t mind him but I am not a fan of hers.  She ruined Suits!

Great little find!

There wasn’t any seating left outside the pub and the inside tables were for people eating their dinner. It was a bit of a dilemma because Mum had walked the furthest she had since her ankle operation, and I really was concerned that she sit and rest it properly.  The executive decision was made to drag a spare chair from inside for her.

Breaking all the rules!!

Turns out that we weren’t allowed to do that.  We were also over the drinking line.  Oops!  The man was very kind about it all, and then the two chaps who were sat on the table nearest to us made way so we could sit.

A couple of glasses of wine later we were in our alcove and more than ready to eat!

The perfect table!

The inside was fascinating though.  You could tell it was old, but had obviously had a few face lifts over the years.  You wouldn’t have thought it had been there since the late 1700’s though!  It’s really quite amazing to be stood in a building that has been standing for so long!

(I would like to point out that this will be the second time I write this part as for some reason, WordPress decided not to save it!  I know you wouldn’t have known without me saying, but I’m really pissed off!!!)

So, down to the best part… the roast dinner!  Naturally I chose the pork because I have some form of addiction and there was no other choice.  Actually, there was a choice of pork, beef, lamb or vegetarian, but not for me.  Pork.  Always.  Unless you’re allowed a mix of meats and then you may find a little beef, but more pork is also an acceptable solution.

I wish I lived in Windsor right now!

It was bloody awesome!  Or, “handsome” as my friends there would say!

The pork was a good two inches thick, and cooked to perfection.  The flavour was so strong that you knew exactly what you were eating, unlike the rather bland versions we get in Dubai.  I don’t understand how that works but it’s true.  Also, I nearly forgot, they had ‘a wall’ of proper crackling and bought extra to the table too.  Amaze!

Veggies were all cooked really well, and despite the fact that I usually drown my cauliflower in cheese sauce, it was so well balanced that it didn’t need it.  The cheese flavour was good and strong, and the sauce was creamy.  Absolute win.  As were the roast potatoes which were not greasy despite being really nice and crispy on the outside.  Good job people!

However, as you all know, the real test of a roast dinner to me is always the Yorkshire pudding.  I was a little dubious when they placed the dish in front of me as the Yorkie was a little on the dark side.  It is a very good lesson in not judging things purely for their looks.  This was one of the nicest ones I have had in a long time!  It was all crisp on the outside and yet there was still a little doughy fluffiness on the inside!

You passed with flying colours, The Two Brewers!  I would absolutely recommend anyone to go there.  Just don’t forget to plan to go and book in advance as the likelihood of getting a seat otherwise is minimal.

I will categorically be back next time I am in Windsor!  I just won’t be doing the Wine Walk again afterwards!!!

So pretty!

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  1. Justine Gray says:

    Love it, thought I was fully expecting the old trout who fucked up with the allergy thing to have a mention, ha ha! x

    1. Haha! I did think about it and even have a photo of her randomly behind the bar, but decided that the food was so good it overrode her stupidity!!!

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