KK’s Texan Grill House, South Croydon

I have mentioned before that one of the bonuses about being an expat is all the lovely people you meet that you normally wouldn’t have, but that it’s sad when those lovely people leave.  It’s not as bad though when they end up just down the road from your family!

Lesley is one of those lovely people and she cleared time in her schedule to have dinner with me.  The only problem is that we had no clue where to go or even what we wanted to do.  The plan was to meet at the train station and walk along until something took our fancy.

The lovely Lesley!

This plan changed a little when I buggered up my knee and couldn’t walk too far.  We then switched to Google and hoped for the best.  We were very much rewarded for our search.

KK’s Texan Steak House is an odd little place.  You would walk or drive by it and think “oh no” and keep going, and that would be a huge mistake.  Your taste buds are going to be missing out on so much.

HIGHLY recommended

Firstly, let me talk about the design… it’s very TexMex but in a fun way, not a tacky way.  Ok, it’s a little bit tacky but an appropriate level!  It’s fab!

You are greeted at the glass door by a great hand painted portrait caricature of a Mexican man.  I assume he is the husband of the signorita painted on the front window.

Mr. Mexican Man

Inside the small restaurant, the tables are lined up against the terricota walls which are adorned with old style holiday posters for places in Mexico.  No TexMex place would be complete without the sombreros lining up against the wall.  This place took it one step further though and had some that you could try on, which of course drunk tourists will… and pose for dodgy pictures with them!

I’m an idiot, I know.

I can’t talk about the atmosphere to the place, because we were the only guests at that time.  It was apparently an unusually quiet night though.  It suited us very well because we could have a really great catch up style gossip.

The waitress thoroughly deserves a shout out now too.  She was lovely.  I am afraid I cannot remember her name but she was Nepalese and just fabulous.  She totally understood that we were having a catch up and were in no rush, but didn’t leave us sitting around for ages waiting for top ups on drinks.  She also turned out to be quite chatty when The Boy got bored of the girlie chat and ambled off looking for a decent conversation!

But the best part was of course the food!  The portions were large and the prices were reasonable.

We decided that because there were so many lovely sounding starters, we would all pick one each and then share them.  This was a genius idea and I think it should happen way more often!

We shared…

Chili & Cheese Potato Skins – 10/10
Chorizo Nachos – 10/10
Chipotle Chicken Quesidilla

Potato skins with chilli and cheese, chipotle chicken quesadillas and chorizo nachos.  I literally have no complaints.  They were all really good.

I think my favourite were the quesadillas, but that’s always a winner for me.  The one that surprised me was the chilli skins.  I love cheese and bacon skins, but I’m not the biggest fan of chilli.  It really worked though.  It wasn’t a heavy one but it was packed with flavour.  It had quite a little bite to it, but it wasn’t spiteful.  Just warming.  I think it’s how chilli should be made.

Next up was dinner.  Lesley opted for the steak which was realy well cooked but boring to look at so I won’t add the photo.  The Boy had a burger which was very tasty but again, it’s a burger so whatever.  Naturally, I picked the winner….

Jack Daniels glazed BBQ pork ribs – 20/10 at least!!

Would you check out this full rack of Jack Daniels glazed BBQ ribs.  I am totally drooling all over my keyboard right now.  They were just amazing.  No one should ever order anything else, in my mind.

The meat was really tender and falling off the bones.  It wasn’t soft though as the outside had been caramalized in the sauce so had a little crunch.  The sauce was sticky and plentiful.  It stuck to the ribs, and the chips I dunked into it for a bit extra flavour.  I do have a confession though… I eat ribs with a knife and fork.  I know its borderline sacrilege but I cannot cope with the mess on my hands too!

They were incredible and I kept eating way longer than I should.  I even had to share them and we couldn’t all still get through them all.

Not only do I highly recommend this great little restaurant, but I am going to go back when I am home again, and again, and again.  This is now one of the permanent fixtures of my food list.

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