Dubai Roast Dinner Diaries – Part 7

I’ve managed to put my back into spasm again but I’m not one to let that put me off my food. What does put me off food is when you have to literally ditch an entire meal because it’s so incredibly bad.

That’s my experience is Ready Roast.

I was all excited when I remembered a friend told me they deliver. I literally can’t stand up long enough to cook today, so I thought this would be the perfect solution.

Ordering was easy through their website, and when I called to double check they had received payment (there was a glitch on the programme they use of online payments), the staff were really lovely and friendly. As was the lady who called to just double check the allergy information I had sent. It arrived in just under an hour, with a very nice delivery guy.

That is where my praise ends.

Firstly it was cold. Not just in a normal take-out way, but in the way that I’m not sure it had ever been hot.

I had ordered the Beef Yorkshire Pudding Bowl:

1. They had drowned it in gravy so it was a soggy heap.

2. The gravy was thick, gelatinous and had a very fake taste.

3. The beef was full of fat and grizzle, and when I tried the bits that looked edible, it was tough as old boots. It hurt my teeth to try and chew it. Not even kidding.

I had ordered extra so I would have dinner for tomorrow too in case my back wasn’t any better, but:

A) the extra beef came drowned in the gravy muck too, and all cold;

B) the extra veggies were cold, and had some random seasoning powder on them; and

C) the cold mashed potato was lumpy and ludicrously sweet.

Additional points include:

– a white sauce that was sweet but unidentifiable was added in a separate pot;

– the roast potatoes tasted like they were cooked a few days ago and reheated – possibly more than once; and

– the Yorkshire Pudding was a soggy mess and didn’t even have a great taste on the bits that weren’t.

What an absolute disaster and waste of money. Literally the only good part of this meal was the can of Diet 7up that I also ordered.

I tried to call them to discuss it, but I couldn’t make myself understood.

A manager did call me back and offer to send a new meal to me, but I refused his offer and requested a refund. There is nothing that could make me eat their food again. He also sent the delivery guy back to collect the uneaten meal. Again, not even kidding.

I didn’t have hugely high hopes given it was a delivered roast dinner, but this fell so far short even for those low expectations. Never again, and I cannot say strongly enough that I do not recommend them.

It didn’t even look great to start with.

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  1. Never ordering from that place for sure! Thanks for sharing your experience

    1. I wouldn’t bother with Smiths either. If you want a roast, either cook it at home or go to a restaurant!!

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