A Quickie from the air

If you’ve followed this blog for long, you will know that I am a big fan of clouds.  The best place to see clouds is to be in or over them.  Sadly I don’t have wings, so the best place is in the window seat of an airplane.

As is now becoming a bit of a tradition, here is my photos out of the window post!  Its especially beautiful this time though because my destination was the Seychelles and we were arriving just at sunrise.  It was breathtaking.

Just a moment to the incredible team at Emirates though.  We were in the smallest plane I’ve seen in a while and in my row, there were three ‘me sized’ people.  That was never going to work, so they had a little reshuffle, and I ended up with a row to myself which also meant I could totally block the window taking photos and not have to consider anyone else at all!!

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