#SaltBaeBurger update!

As you all know, I went for lunch in the newly opened Salt Bae Burger in DIFC this week, and loved it!

In fact, I loved it so much that I quickly wrote up about it and posted the next morning. This promoted two things…

1) My friend Carla heading there for lunch the next day, and showing him said blog post; and

2) My friend Natasha wanting to go there and try the burgery goodness too.

Nothing came of point one, thankfully! I was so chuffed but also super embarrassed that she showed him. I love when your girls are your cheerleaders too!!

I was mostly embarrassed and anxious yesterday though because, being the selflessly good friend that I am, I was heading back with Natasha!

I held my breath as I approached the hostesses outside, but if they had heard about/read my point on their colourful language, they were super professional and just took me through to my table!

Crisis one averted! I was not barred! Whoop!

Second challenge was looking Salt Bae in the eye and not being overcome by my embarrassment. I kind of failed there… well, maybe.

As I was walking to the table he was walking in the opposite direction. Instead of greeting him, I ducked my head and wobbled on by. Bravery is not my thing. But then again, he wears such dark glasses you never have a clue where he is looking so even if I had been brave, it probably wouldn’t have mattered!

A little while later though he came over, and after picking up our purses and putting them on a chair, which was very sweet but wasted on my £30 TK Maxx bargain, posed for selfies with Natasha.

I metaphorically ducked my head this time because the embarrassment won, again. Although I looked way better (I had a work event that morning so had full make up on with clean and blow dried hair!) and a new selfie would have been better, I just couldn’t do it.

Add that to the list of things to bring up with my therapist!!

The fun was over, for a second, so it was naturally time to peruse the menu again.

There was only one thing that I wanted to try, and that was the SaltBae Burger. It’s probably where I should have started at the beginning. Signature dishes are ‘signature’ for a reason.

The SaltBaeBurger is a wagyu burger with smoked rib eye, caramalised onions and cheddar cheese. So basically the same as the Juicy only with a better meat in the burger. Given that my eyes rolled back in my head at the taste of the Juicy Burger, I was interested to see how much difference the meat could make.

It arrived and looked exactly the same, which logically would make sense but I had in my head there would be a bit of a difference.

I mean, no complaints because it still looks good enough to devour without pausing for breath!

Which is basically what we both went on to do! It was incredible! The beef does indeed further improve the burger. It remains light to eat but the flavour is intensified.

This is actually going to be the second ever recipient of my Foodgasam Award. That’s how good it was!

The chips also were just as perfect as the day before… especially when the gloves came off again!

(My therapist is going to be so busy with new points that he will wish I never went there!!)

Natasha agreed and in fact said, and I agree, that it would be the perfect hangover cure too. We have been searching for somewhere that can fix hangovers for a while so this was a revaluation. I will of course test this theory at some point and let you all know!

I nearly forgot about the drinks! I went again with the Virgin Strawberry Mojito because it was excellent. However, Natasha had The Essence of Passion mocktail – passion fruit, vanilla, orange and lemon. It was also excellent! Mostly, they look beautiful!

So there you have it! The second trip was just as successful as the first so SaltBae Burger retains my 10/10 approval and recommendation!!

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