Celeb Date Night!

Restarting my blog this week has already made it look like I’m a bit celebrity obsessed. Two of three posts with a famous chef. This is about to make it look even more true, when acutally I’ve generally not got a clue who anyone is. I mean, you’re talking to the girl who walked straight passed Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas and didn’t notice until someone else pointed it out!

This post is going to be a lot more popular with the non-milennial Instagram generation!

That’s right… I met Simon Rimmer, co-host of “Sunday Brunch” and ex-Strictly sequin king!

Simon has a restaurant in Dubai Marina called The Scene and it’s a firm favourite. It has been around for 5 years now and is still going strong. I’ve been multiple times, and it is still good. Their roast dinner scored quite highly on the scale!

This week Simon is over again, and so we headed on down to The Scene to say hello. Extra bonus was that they had just decorated for Christmas!!

I have to say, I’ve met him a number of times now and he is just a lovely and genuine chap. He also works super hard. He makes sure to go around and say hello to as many people as he can. Not just to have a selfie taken like some previously blogged about people, but to have a chat and see how they are doing.

We had another great chat – mostly me petitioning him to make Giles Brandreth a regular on Sunday Brunch. When I was home last I stumbled across the episode with him and I was absolutely crying with laughter. He is so funny, but in an extremely clever and wordy way. So not only to I find him funny as all get out, I hugely admire him.

I don’t think my petition got very far, but it made for a great chat.

It would have been rude and a little awkward just to turn up to see Simon and not eat, and I would hate to be rude, so we had dinner too!!!!

I went for the fish and chips. It comes with mushy peas (satan’s food) and a really tasty tartar sauce. Although a little bit on the greasy side, it was utterly delicious and just what I needed. The batter was really yummy, and the fish was light and fluffy.

Karen had the burger and chips, with a side of vegetables!

She enjoyed the burger but wishes she had asked for it to be well cooked. It came out medium-rare which is a little on the light side for her. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t bad and she ate it all. She just wishes she had thought to ask!

The Verdict: You will always have a good meal and a fun time, but totally go next time Simon is in town! He is so lovely and welcoming, that you feel you belong there. 10/10

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