The Dubai Frame

I’m not sure how many words I’m going to have for this. The overwhelming feeling is “ok, I’ve done that now”. Not the most inspiring statement.

As the name would suggest, or maybe it doesn’t unless you live here and know about it, The Dubai Frame is a giant photo frame built in Dubai. If you look through it in one direction, you will see the skyline of new Dubai. If you look through it in the other, you will see the skyline of old Dubai. It’s a very clever concept really.

Naturally, it’s the biggest frame in the world. Shocker.

Not only can you look through this gold plated frame, but you can go inside and up it for AED 50. So we did.

Surprisingly, when you look out of one side of it, you see old Dubai. Even more surprisingly, out of the other you see new Dubai.

I have to say that it was very nice to see but once you’ve been up to the top of the Burj Khalifa, then you’ve seen it really.

What was quite fun is that the floor at the top of the frame – some 120 floors high or something, is very clever. When you step on it, the frosted glass clears and you can see a LOOOONG way down!

So that’s it really. You go alone, go up in a lift, look at the city, and go down in a lift. I’m sure it’s much more interesting if you’re into architecture or engineering or something. but like I said, I’ve done that now. Totally something guests can do on their own in the future while I’m at work!

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