National Day Celebrations

Although I was away for the actual day of UAE National Day, I was lucky enough to witness some of the celebrations!

Emeratis, in my experience, are good people and National Day shines a light on that. I love how much national pride, inclusiveness (is that an actual word?!) and kindness come bursting out of every corner.

What is incredible is that this year marks the 48th anniversary of Sheikh Zayed founding the Emirates. He bought together 7 small independent countries, to create what is now a powerhouse geopolitically. They lead the charge in changing public conceptions of the Middle East and the Muslim faith, and I am very thankful to be a somewhat permanent guest in this beautiful and hospitable country.

Anyway, I went off at somewhat of a tangent there. I just wanted to show you some great photos I took during the DIFC festivities this week!

This kind chap was handing out Arabic coffee to everyone. I have no clue what it tastes like because I don’t do hot drinks – especially caffeinated ones. But love that it’s such a bit part of the culture here.

Falcons are synonymous with this country. In fact, all birds are protected. It’s illegal to hurt or kill one for any reason. I like that a lot. More things should be protected.

Dancing isn’t something that I would really have put with this country before I came here, or music really. But I was totally wrong. There is always dancing and live music at any celebration. The men even sing along. If I could work out how to put a video on here I would, but that’s a little past my expertise level!!

This lady is band weaving silk ropes. No clue what for, but it was incredible to watch. She hand makes all sorts apparently. I was assured she teaches her children and grandchildren how to do this so the art doesn’t die out.

This lady was selling things she had made, but also providing henna skin art for anyone who wanted.

Sadly I didn’t have time to try this lady’s Arabic pancake crumpet type things. I had run out of lunch break! One day I will be organised enough to try it all though!!

NB: I asked everyone for their permission to take the photos. It’s technically illegal to take them without consent. I just think it’s impolite to not ask!

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