Roast Dinner Diaries – Windsor Edition

Soooo, by now you should have worked out how much I like a roast dinner. You should also know that I have to have one every Sunday that I’m in the UK or it would be a waste. One person who certainly knows this about me is Justine. Last time I went to visit her we went to a great little pub called the Two Brewers. Although the Roast was incredible, I felt that we owed it to ourselves to pick a new place to try!

On the way to her house on the first night, we drove past the most beautiful little pub but couldn’t stop as we had a car full of snacks to eat in front of the log fire. It did however become the place of choice when we were trying to work out where to go for a roast after all our adventuring!

Can you see why now?!

The Fox & Hound is just stunning from the outside. Its all twinkly and quiant, and inviting. It must do incredibly well because I would absolutely want to stop if I had just had a long walk through the park – or a ride! There are litreally bits set up so your horses can be left in comfort as you go in for a warming beverage!

I think it would be a great place to stop in the summer, too, but it has to be the best at Christmas! If you’re lucky enough, you can nab the best seats in the house for your roast dinner… right next to the beautifully decordated and wonderful smelling Christmas Tree! Thankfully, they are the seats we got!

Also quite handy as Warden Matt was there having a pint with Warden Gordon! It was great to see him again, and also meet another of the team. They really are a super friendly bunch! In fact, so friendly that we ended up chatting with them most of the time, and a while later, Warden Nick and his stunning wife too. I say handy because it’s always good to meet your friend’s coworkers and to see for yourself what a good bunch of people they are surrounded by all the time.

The fire sadly was only at embers when we arrived, but it was still super snug. For such an old building, it really holds its heat well. That plus the comforable chairs literally makes this one of my favourite pubs in the world!

The other fireplace btw wasn’t lit at all, but it didn’t need to be to be beautiful.

Time had come though, and surprisingly quickly from the point of ordering, to sample their roast dinner…

I went for the pork, and Justine went for the beef. For the first time in my life, with a roast pork dinner in front of me, I had food envy. The beef looked so tender that the knife just seemed to melt through it. She confirmed that was indeed the case. Don’t get me wrong, the pork was very good but it just didn’t look as good as the beef at all!!

So, here is a close up. You can see the at there is the meat, potatoes and yorkie that you would expect on a roast. Gravy too. I was a little disappointed by the tiny bit of crackling that I was given, but Justine fixed that quickly by asking for more. She also got more gravy but she likes hers swimming. There was more than enough for me.

It was the vegetables that let this down slightly. I mean, it was still a very nice roast dinner and I don’t regret it at all, but the vegetables weren’t in my mind hugely seasonal. Cabbage was good, and carrot, but then there were sugar snap peas and courgette/zucchini. Why?! It’s not the summer! I understand in the summer, to make it a bit lighter, these would be good things. But winter?! No!! I need cauliflower cheese, and broccoli. There was also no stuffing. Not an essential but a nice addition to a winter plate!

The real test, and the mark of a pass or fail in my mind is the Yorkshire Pudding. I am pleased to say that this place gets a pass! It was delicious and I have no complaints at all!

After another glass of wine (for me), we decided to take a skip on the desserts. They looked lovely but we were just too full to continue. Also, if we hadn’t moved from the lovely chairs when we did, there is every chance that we would still be sat there now!

The Verdict: 9/10 – only one point lost for the summer vegetables!

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