Windsor Castle

What can I say?  One of the most beautiful and impressive places I have ever seen.  Also one of the most frustrating!!

Why? Let me tell you…

You’re not allowed to take any photos inside the actual castle.   While I’m not the biggest historian, I have a random interest in Henry VIII due to where I grew up, and they have one of his suits of armour on display.   That’s not to mention some of the most beautiful paintings of former monarchs and dignitaries.

Then, just to cap it off, they had INCREDIBLE Christmas trees!  It’s borderline a crime that they cannot be photographed!  It’s Christmas and few will dress their tree in such a beautiful way but I can’t even show you because I’m too much of a rule follower and have too much respect for the monarchy to flout their rules.

I hate being me sometimes!

There were some outdoor decorations which were beautiful. I can show you some of these! Here is my favourite though…

Anyway, back to the start!

Justine managed to get us two complimentary tickets to go into the castle for a bit of a look around. I had been before, but not for years. So long ago that I am not convinced I actually did go and wondered if it just sounded like something I did with school or similar. No clue. It was nice though because it was like a brand new adventure!

Unfortunately the day we chose to go was the day that the rail strikes started.  Because I didn’t know how long it would take me to get home, we somewhat rushed our way round and decided against getting the headphones that would tell us what was what.  On another day, we would have been a lot longer looking around and this post would have been a lot more informative.  Sorry!

In fairness, that’s pretty much all I have to say.  It’s an old castle and it’s pretty.  There is stuff in side – that I can’t show you photos of, like the giant dolls house that belongs to one or other of the young princesses for generations ago. I want to say Mary, but it’s been a couple of weeks since I was there now and my memory isn’t that great

I did take some stunning outside photos though…

This is the shop where you can get knickknacks to take home…

I spent way too much money in there. Shocking, I know. But I mean they have genius things like “Emergency Handbag Shortbread”. Who doesn’t need that in their lives. I’m now quite convinced I know the contents of HRH’s purse!!!

There is St. George’s Chapel which is beautiful from the inside, and super historic on the inside. Not as big as I imagined it to be on the inside. It looked way bigger at the weddings.

One of the most famous places is now the steps of the chapel because Harry and Megan have posed there a bunch of times.

What you never really notice is the incredible and ancient gargoile statue thingies. Or maybe they are dragons since it’s St. George’s? Anyway, they are interesting looking and very much stand guard.

Did you also know that straight opposite those steps are staff housing. It is lovely looking, but I think I would hate to live there. Can you imagine having all those tourists permanently on your doorstep??

In fact, there is quite a lot of staff housing on the castle grounds, which I never new.

The weather was incredible on the day we visited, and it made for the must stunning blue backdrop to everything.

Finally, after a few hours of being frustrated but taking gorgeous photos, it was time to head out. We ambled down the road and found a statue that completed my photo collection really!

Such a lovely way to spend the day. I cannot wait to go back and get the headphones and work out what I’m looking at!!

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  1. Justine says:

    Love it! x

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