Haskins Garden Centre

One way you can shift me off the couch the day after an overnight flight with maybe a total of an hours sleep, is to bribe me with breakfast. A cooked breakfast. A proper cooked breakfast with bacon. And sausage. And egg.

I don’t mind where breakfast is served as long as there is bacon. And sausage. And egg. And hash browns now I think about it. But mostly bacon. And sausage.

Thankfully Mum and Charlotte have a good grasp of breakfast places around where they live. Much as I love the kids, I do like when we don’t have them with us because we don’t have to go either to the other garden centre with the soft play area (I hate the smell of soft play places) or to the Harvester which is their other favorite place.

With all three at school/nursery we could have a nice breakfast and catch up. The catch up mostly consisted of them taking the piss out of me until we were all crying with laughter. We also felt nauseous because you shouldn’t laugh to that level after finishing a cooked breakfast. It felt good though to be back home, relatively stress free, and laughing with these two incredible women. My face hurt and my heart was overflowing.

My tummy was close to overflowing thanks to a great breakfast deal and the presense of a Costa Coffee too.

For £5 you can have 8 breakfast items. You can chose from bacon, eggs – fried or scrambled), sausage, hash brown, tomato, mushrooms and black pudding. You also get two huge slices of toast which had been made from freshly baked bread. The toast comes with jam and butter. What a bargain! AED 25 for alllllllll the good stuff!

I washed it all down with a bottle of water… and a “medium” hot chocolate. I don’t know how they would call that a medium. It was huge! Not that I was complaining. I do like a sweet treat to wash a Full English down with!

It appears that a lot of other people like to wash their breakfast down with a hot beverage too. There were vats of coffee and tea on all the tables – not one of which were empty. People kept diving behind people as they were standing up to leave, to get a table. The plus side to this is that the food was constantly being cooked so everything was super fresh and hot still.

After you have stuffed your face and worked up the energy to move again, the garden centre is there packed full of treasures to uncover while you walk off your breakfast. It may however cost you a fortune to walk off your breakfast though because there is so many bits that you just HAVE to have! You can’t say I didn’t warn you now!

At the moment, it is packed full of Christmas decorations and great little bits and bobs. You can buy your tree – fake or real, all your tree ornaments and tinsel type things. You can buy lawn ornaments and outdoor lighting to make your street festive. You can buy wreaths for your door.

I am very thankful I don’t live here and have to do Christmas properly. I would be declared bankrupt in a matter of days. I don’t know if I appreciate Christmas decorations more now because of Hallmark movies, or because I live somewhere that although participates in Christmas, doesn’t do it the same as we do.

Whichever way, I think I’m turning into a crazy old Christmas lady and I love it!

I also love the breakfast at Haskins!


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