Corona Chronicles – Introduction

I read somewhere recently that we are literally living through a historic event right now. This will be taught at schools in the future. It’s the first event of it’s kind where we have that insight. It will also be used as a teachable example next time this kind of thing happens. And it will. With globalisation it will absolutely happen again.

The suggestion of this article was that we all take to writing. We should specifically journal about this time. They suggested ordering a new note book and pen, and making a scrap book or just a regular diary. The issue for me is that I can’t read my own writing so cannot expect future historians to be able to read it.

This blog was originally set up for keeping people abreast of my travel movements. It has evolved since then and become something of a “brain dump” for me. It still has travel and food, but it also has random things that I want to talk about. I want to talk about this current situation.

Going forward, I am going to attempt to keep a very honest diary about how lockdown in Dubai is going. I have no doubt that it will be more of my boring rambling so I am not going to publicise the series. I am just going to write. If you are subscribed then you will get an alert. Just ignore it if you wish. I highly doubt there will be anything interesting happening.

Anyway, just a heads up on what I am going to be doing. Maybe I will also finally finish writing about South Africa and Armenia too. Stranger things have happened – and are literally happening every day.

Much love, and stay safe xx

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