Corona Chronicles – Day 3

This morning started with a great breakfast. I had leftover sausages from the night before so reheated them and made a kind of omelette thing. I say “omelette thing” because I can’t make good omelette. That and rice. Super simple but I never quite get it right. I don’t know why. I have given up trying snow and put the egg in the pan and bake it until it’s mostly cooked, add cheese and melt the cheese on under the grill.

I worked very well, I have to say. It may not look how it is meant to be but it’s always tasty. That took up a nice chunk of the morning. Cleaning up after my cooking was a bit more time. I hate cleaning. I need someone here. I will cook. They can clean. Who wants to apply!?

Blog posts were written and edited and posted. Spnish revision done and then it was time for more Jane the Virgin. I love that show. I won’t talk about it on here though. I don’t do spoilers. Everyone I have recommended it to has loved it. If you haven’t seen it yet, you should. Just don’t blame me if you lose a bunch of time.

Next up was lunch. I tried Pizza Pockets. I remember them from my 20s and was super excited to see them in the store. Turns out they should have stayed in the store. Not good. So not good in fact that the second one in the box went into the trash not back into the freezer for a later date. Also, something in them literally knocked me out. I was watching tv waiting for Mum to call so we could do our Spanish class, and then woke up 3hrs and 200 missed calls later. I blame the nasty Pizza Pocket.

Spanish class was kind of dull today. It was the same vocab as yesterdays, just rearranged in another order. Mum and I decided we were over acheivers as we had been testing each other by creating different sentences with our words already. It meant we aced the first lesson at least. We decided that going forward, we would probably take one full lesson a day. With each lesson is 4 or 5 modules. Well, if they are all as easy as the first one. If they get harder then we will have to slow down.

After class today I sent a voice note to my Colombian friend to show off my one sentence. She was impressed with my accent but I think she is just being kind and positive for me. She sent a tongue twister for when I was slightly further along. It was insane. I had forgotten that the R’s are rolled in Spanish. I cannot roll my R’s. Ask Albert. He has been trying to teach me it for Afrikaans for 20 years now. This should be fun.

More Jane the Virgin until it was time for a shower. I was skyping with friends that evening and saw myself in a mirror. Washing my hair definitely was needed. I actually felt better for it. But not as better as I did for chatting with the girls! It was such fun! We have decided we have to do it a couple of times a week from now on.

Next up, dinner time. I am half enjoying having the time to cook but the other half of me hates it. Every time you cook, you have to clean. It is rubbish. I am also not the most neat cook in the world. I manage to use every pot and pan, and decorate all the kitchen units with whatever it is I am chopping. Is there a course for how to not be such a kitchen hurricane? I need to take that course asap.

I do however do good! Super healthy, super tasty and I ate the entire lot over the course of the evening!

After more Jane the Virgin (seriously – go watch it and you will understand!), and I was meant to Skype with a friend who is out in Afghanistan. We hadn’t made a firm plan though and it turns out he thought I was messaging when I had finished my calls, and I thought he was when he was home from work. We need to learn how to use our words better!

Finally, after one last episode, it was time for bed. Not the most thrilling of days but it was a nice one. Fingers crossed tomorrow takes the same path!

Much love, and stay safe xx

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