Corona Chronicles – Day 6

I have come to the conclusion that I am a very boring person. 5 days of writing the Corona Chronicles and the most exciting thing that I have written is that I am learning Spanish and that I have discovered amazing new floaty pills.

They are amazing, too. I woke this morning feeling super refreshed. Ready to be normal again? No. But I also think that is probably a good thing. There is nothing to do so why should I be full of energy. It will just make everything worse. This way at least I can be confined to the tiny apartment I live in, and be happier about it.

Today is Good Friday. I was bought up a Christian, and so today is an important day. I am not entirely sure why because I never really paid much attention. I can tell you that it’s the day for Hot Cross Buns! I don’t hugely like the real ones but M&S do amazing chocolate and salted caramel ones. And mini chocolate ones. Thankfully they came out before lockdown so I could stock up my freezer!!

They were brilliant. I ate them while watching a wonderful video on Facebook of a Bermudan chap singing “Lets Go Fly A Kite”! (If you want to hear it, listen HERE)

For those of you who haven’t been to/in Bermuda for Easter, it’s a tradition to make your own kite with tissue paper and sticks, and then you go to Horseshoe Bay and fly them. While there, you eat cod fish cakes in hot cross buns. All homemade of course. You do not shame your family name by having store bought ones!

Those were the days. Today I ate M&S ones in front of Jane the Virgin. Not quite the same.

My Jane the Virgin (“JTV”) viewing is always peppered by pings on my phone. Very few are important enough to press pause for. As long as it isn’t a Spanish segment then I can multitask. If it is, then it waits until I’ve heard what Alba is saying. One exception for this is anything from Mum. Then I look to see if it’s anything important. This ping was super important. She sent me something I didn’t know about.

Josh Groban, one of my favourite singers, has joined in with the fun and is now singing from his shower! Not nekid. That wouldn’t be right. He is just using his shower as the acoustics are good. It has just the right of reverb. I entirely agree. His first song was “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”. It was perfection. Literally I got goosebumps. His voice is like pouring warm honey down my spine. I love him. Well, not him. He isn’t my type. But that voice is utterly divine.

I then spent a good chunk of time listening to his back catalogue on Apple Music. It’s happy sounds. I have no clue what he is singing about sometimes as it’s in another language, but that makes no difference at all. Is is stunning.

This naturally lead me to listen to a bit more Ramin Karimloo. I had done a full hard stalk of him the other day because he is also doing a song from home series. He sang “Till I Hear You Sing” from Love Never Dies which is one of my favourites. I heard him twice on stage in London singing it and he reduces me to tears with it every time. Beautiful. He also sings a bunch of non-show stuff and I love how different but equally beautiful his voice sounds depending on what he is singing. So talented.

Spanish class was hard. We went back over yesterday’s lesson. I am still struggling with”precioso”. I can spell it and say it on it’s own, but I cannot get it to flow when I am trying to use it in a sentence. So frustrating. We then moved onto the next, and my brain melted. Our new words were:

Pero = But
Eso = That
Eso es = That is

While that isn’t a huge amount of words to add, it is hard because you can then make more sentences. When you can make more sentences then you get to use all of the words in lots of different orders. That’s when it gets hard. I can remember them one on one but not in a group apparently. We didn’t finish the whole lesson. We only did three modules. That was more than enough for the day.

In order to unmelt my brain, I went back to JTV. That merrily took me through to dinner time where I decided against cooking, and instead ordered from a local restaurant. I don’t want the restaurants to go under and I don’t want the delivery drivers to struggle, and I’m lazy. It was the perfect solution.

That was the sum total of my day. It was a nice relaxing one. I am a little bored most of the time but it’s not too bad. I have entertainment at least.

Much love, and stay safe xx

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