Corona Chronicles – Day 7

Today started differently for sure. I woke with the desire to bake! A couple of days back Mum and I had been discussing scones, and she said that she had worked out a new recipe for chilli cheese scones. We have a bit of an addition to the chilli cheese flavour combo. If she thought they were good then they must be.

It only took a couple of days for me to dream about them and to wake up needing to make them. This was no easy feat though. Apparently the whole of Dubai has decided that lockdown is the time to dust off their mixers. You cannot get self raising flour anywhere. I literally tried all the shops available to me on Instashop, and the one in my building. Nothing.

The desire to have scones however was strong. I bought all the bits and bobs, and then regular plain flour. If you add baking soda and baking powder, it pretty much does the same. I figured it was worth a try anyway.

It totally worked! I haven’t made scones in years so made them a little on the thin side, but for a first attempt, they passed! I am now of course wondering whatever flavours I can make. I will ask Mum. She knows that stuff. I don’t like sweet scones really. I like savoury ones. Any recommendations!?

My favourite of all the scones however is the squiggle scone. Its the one that is just a ball of dough. Not enough to make into a scone, but baked because you cannot throw out any of the goodness.

This is best eaten straight from the oven, burning your mouth, with a good blob of butter stuck in the middle of it all. It is worth it every time. Every. Single. Time. Growing up it as always mine. No one else gets a look in. Same applies now.

Although it was nearly lunchtime by the point they were made, I wanted to make it a little more breakfasty so put bacon in it. Amaze! Again, highly recommended! I am so proud of myself!!

I also was a nice person and left some out on my neighours doorstep for them. Half of the joy of baking is sharing. I know Mum is struggling not baking for half the neighbourhood at the momet as well. I bet her neighbours are struggling more though. She is a championship baker!

Speaking of Mum, it was time for Spanish again. I did have to push it back a couple of hours so that I could nap my way through my food coma. Also, so I could have a glass of wine on Skype with a friend.

Turns out Spanish harder when you have a glass of wine. I’m sure it won’t be when I am fluent-er, but for learning it is not advised! But still fun. I cannot get “precioso” without having to think about it. I think it needs more syllables really. It feels like it’s not long enough!

After this, was time for Spanish practice with a Tinder match. Although not Spanish, it’s one of the 5 langages he speaks. Its also the easiest of them all so that’s the one I’m going to be able to keep up with! No chance I’m trying Russian at the moment!

Then, because Tinder is fun at the moment, I was chatting with the Chef. We had been talking for a couple of days about Brownies and I was still trying to convince him to bake some and send them over. I didn’t appear to be winning this particular challange so instead, I decided to bake a batch of my own!

I have to admit to cheating and making a packet mix that I just had to add eggs and butter. But they are the best. It’s the Bob’s Redmill gluten free range. Out of all the regular and the gluten free ones I have tried, Bobs is the best.

I had them while I waited for my quesidilla to be delivered. There is only so much cooking a girl can be expected to in a day after all. Shout out to Vigilantes in Al Quoz for their tasty food! It kept me from biting my arm off waiting for the brownies to be made.

The only problem with my brownies is that I didn’t have any ice cream to eat them with and I didn’t remember in time to order some in. I am going to have to buy some Salted Caramel Hagen Daas when I get my freedom pass.

More chatting and TV watching ensued, and then I had the best message. It was a screen shot of an Uber route. The chef had actually made brownies and was sending them over! How cute is that! I didn’t of course tell him I had already made my own, and then went on to push myself further into a sugar coma to try them. He had even sent over whipped cream to go with them! My hero!!

It actually turns out that this was the second batch he made as in between making and sending, he found out I had a nut allergy so had to remake with no fancy additions!!!

So that was my day. It was full of baked goods and happiness!

Much love, and stay safe xx

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