Corona Chronicles – Day 5

Thankfully after a good nights sleep, I woke up feeling slightly more human. Not back to normal but at least less miserable. I also finally listened to the doctor and upped my medication. I have had a horrible couple of days and do not want to repeat that.

Corona Chronicles – Day 3

This morning started with a great breakfast. I had leftover sausages from the night before so reheated them and made a kind of omelette thing. I say “omelette thing” because I can’t make good omelette. That and rice. Super simple but I never quite get it right. I don’t know why. I have given up…

Corona Chronicles – Day 1

Last night, an alert was sent out. Dubai is to be in 24hr lock down for a minimum of 2 weeks. I would like to state here that I fully respect the decision made by the government of my Emirate and that of the country which I live. I believe they are doing what is…


For years now, Albert and I have wanted to go to Clarens. This year when we were having a look at the route we would need to take down to the Sani Pass, we noted that Clarens wasn’t too far and we made a plan to stop there for breakfast!

The Great Christmas Sandwich Debate!!

As you may have noticed from Christmases past, I absolutely LOVE Christmas food. Turkey is the best of all the meats, but when you mix with with stuffing and exciting bits then it is epic! These items also work very well in sandwiches so I made it my mission when I was back in England…

Haskins Garden Centre

One way you can shift me off the couch the day after an overnight flight with maybe a total of an hours sleep, is to bribe me with breakfast. A cooked breakfast. A proper cooked breakfast with bacon. And sausage. And egg.

The Bailiwick

After a wonderfully frustrating morning looking around the incredible Windsor Castle, and ahead of a long train journey home due to the stupid strikes, we stopped at The Baliwick for a little lunch.

Ascot Christmas Market

We had planned on heading into London to go to Winter Wonderland, but with the recent terror incident in London, and some free tickets to a local Christmas Market, we decided to stay closer to home. I was a little disappointed but mostly elated that I wouldn’t have to go on the train again so…

RIP, Gary

Many moons ago, when I was still new to Dubai, I worked with a charity. Whatever It Takes was the brainchild of Charlotte di Vita, MBE. She worked out that by getting celebrities to do a quick drawing, you could licence it out to get put onto a multitude of items and make a lot…

Cipriani, DIFC

Not to be mixed up with Cipollini (who is a bike riding superstar, and very tasty to look at), Cipriani is a very snooty but tasty Italian restaurant in DIFC. I’ve only been once before because it’s really quite expensive, and it was such a treat! I didn’t think I would really have the opportunity…