And so it begins, again.

I worked out the other day that in less than 12 weeks, I will be sat on my Mum’s sofa with the dog, a tub of Heroes/Quality Street or another type of Christmas treat, watching a Hallmark movie with my Mum, who is incapable of sitting for a whole film, pottering around half paying attention. …

Palazzo Versace

If you’re going to have a pool day then you may as well do it properly!  With that in mind, there was only one logical choice for Mum’s first day of relaxation…. the beautifully over the top Palazzo Versace! I am a big fan of this place.  It’s so over the top it’s crazy, but…

Cocktails and Dinner

Following our lovely day bumbling along at the beach we headed home to relax a little. The relaxing involved a Hallmark Christmas Movie (one of our favourite seasonal treats!) and a glass of wine! After that though it was off out to revisit a couple of Mummy’s favourite Downtown activities! On our way we had a…

Salt by the Sea

Due to a rather late night gossiping, and then having to work all day (both of us – luckily Albert stayed on the couch for his!), we decided that a nice chilled out night was in order. As you may have already read (here), his first night had been running about Dubai Mall and Downtown….

RIP Grandma xx

My beloved Grandmother died recently, and we had the funeral last week. I don’t have more words right now, so instead I would like to share with you the eulogy I wrote….     “Grandmas are for loving and baking cookies.” It’s the wording on a fridge magnet Grandma had for as long as I remember….