Edi’s Bratwurst Sausage Restaurant and B&B, KZN

The second of Albert’s friend’s recommendations was a German sausage place that when we googled it appeared it had shut down. We were disappointed but we had some really good foods in the Midlands Meander area, so weren’t too perturbed. As we were driving towards the final accommodation of our adventure, we saw a sign…

Corona Chronicles – Week 3 Round-up

I can’t believe another week has gone by so quickly. I didn’t think it would really. I imagined it would drag by and be hugely painful. I’m lucky I guess that isn’t the case. I think my medication helps that but also because this week I decided to be more productive.

Corona Chronicles – Day 7

Today started differently for sure. I woke with the desire to bake! A couple of days back Mum and I had been discussing scones, and she said that she had worked out a new recipe for chilli cheese scones. We have a bit of an addition to the chilli cheese flavour combo. If she thought…

Corona Chronicles – Day 6

I have come to the conclusion that I am a very boring person. 5 days of writing the Corona Chronicles and the most exciting thing that I have written is that I am learning Spanish and that I have discovered amazing new floaty pills.

Corona Chronicles – Day 5

Thankfully after a good nights sleep, I woke up feeling slightly more human. Not back to normal but at least less miserable. I also finally listened to the doctor and upped my medication. I have had a horrible couple of days and do not want to repeat that.

Corona Chronicles – Day 4

It was a rough start today. I woke at about 1am choking. My throat hurt, I couldn’t stop coughing, and I was super hot. Given the current climate, I naturally went into full panic mode. Then I realised that I hadn’t turned the aircon on, was sleeping under a duvet and a blanket and I…

Corona Chronicles – Day 3

This morning started with a great breakfast. I had leftover sausages from the night before so reheated them and made a kind of omelette thing. I say “omelette thing” because I can’t make good omelette. That and rice. Super simple but I never quite get it right. I don’t know why. I have given up…

Corona Chronicles – Day 2

I had a better nights sleep last night, so woke feeling much more positive. Thankfully. I cannot cope with the lows for very long. The very exciting thing of the day though was to wake with words in my head! I haven’t had this for a long time (which is why I haven’t finished writing…

Corona Chronicles – Day 1

Last night, an alert was sent out. Dubai is to be in 24hr lock down for a minimum of 2 weeks. I would like to state here that I fully respect the decision made by the government of my Emirate and that of the country which I live. I believe they are doing what is…

Corona Chronicles – Introduction

I read somewhere recently that we are literally living through a historic event right now. This will be taught at schools in the future. It’s the first event of it’s kind where we have that insight. It will also be used as a teachable example next time this kind of thing happens. And it will….