A year on…

It’s Dubai. Nothing stays the same for a whole year, right?

Last July I went to Bollaro at the Conrad and loved it. I loved it so much that I wrote probably one of my nicest posts ever about it – which you can read here if you want.

When I was invited to my lovely friend’s 50th birthday celebration, I was very excited to find out it was at Bollaro. I mean, I had such a great experience there that it would be lovely for her too!

And it was… Mostly.

Bollaro were fantastic and let her bestie decorate the place up a storm! There were banners and balloons, a signing table, table sprinkles (which have to be the worst the tidy up!), and a whole host of hats and things on sticks to take photos of! No complaints. They just celebrated with us, and even had a slice of cake they bought with a candle and song!

But… They appear to have done away with the Veuve. I wasn’t planning to have it as there was a nice Groupon for brunch (AED299 – bargain!!), but it’s sad to see that it’s not there any longer. Perhaps it’s only stopped for the duration of the Groupon to save any confusion? I should have asked. Bad blogger! The prosecco is a very good one though and I may have had quiet a few!!

The food is still good. They had a larger selection of pork cuts, cheese and breads this time which is always a winner!

However, the roast beef (prime rib) was practically raw once you got past the over cooked ends. The piece I had was actually a very nice medium. I lucked out because I got in there quickly! It was so lovely and flavourful, thus proving that meat roasted on the bone has the better taste! Sadly, the gravy was so over salted that it rendered half of the slice/chunk inedible.

As you may know if you’ve read some of my past blog posts, I do love me a little roast dinner. The highlight for me is the Yorkshire Pudding. It can make or break the meal. I actually think this was one of the best yorkies I have had in Dubai! Good job Bollaro!!

In order for them to really get good though, they need roast potatoes. Also, their mash is a bit lumpy. But the steamed veggies were so good. They were still slightly al dente. I love broccoli when it’s like that.

The rest of the buffet was good. I didn’t have much more because I am not a cow which Mother Nature blessed with two stomaches!

Naturally, and much later, I did manage to find a little room for their huge (although smaller than last time) dessert selection. It would be a fabulous addition to have ice cream that was home made or wasn’t so flavoured it tasted processed. Not sure which. Also, please add a Crème Brûlée!!! I love those so much!!!!!!

Overall, Bollaro is still good. Is it as good as that first visit? No. Was it still a very good day? Absolutely!

Again, we will most certainly be back!

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