Beautiful Bab Al Shams 

After a little taxi nap and swim, it was time to get ourselves together and head off to Bab Al Shams; a beautiful hotel in the middle of the desert.

One of the only things Albert had wanted to do was to ride a camel. Although not a long excursion, Bab Al Shams has this option. It also will let you “hold” a falcon, which was something very much of interest when he heard you could.

This had all been planned before The Boy returned, but when we were talking about it his interest peaked and so we bought him along too!

Holding a bird.  I don’t see the attraction.
But it works for some.  Just look at this beautiful smile!

Then it was time for the camel ride!  It is literally a two-three minute ride, and it takes you in a loop around the sandy area they have cleared, but that is enough for a first try!!

“Its not like a horse”
Much laughter the whole way round!!

This was the mouthy-ist camel I’ve ever seen! It chuntered away to itself from the second anyone walked near it, until the moment you’d walked away again – whether or not you’d been for a ride! It was so funny!

That camel ‘talked’ the whole way around, and then some more afterwards!

After the fun and the hilarity of the camels, it was time for a well deserved cocktail.

We headed on up to the Al Sarab Rooftop Lounge.  From here you have a spectacular view of the sunset across the sand dunes.  They also have a lovely cocktail list which is very important too!

Whilst I was deciding which cocktail to cool down with, the boys decided which sheesha that Albert should try.  He hadn’t had one before and so it was a very important decision.

The winner was…. Berry mint!  It sounds revolting to me, but they enjoyed it which is what really matters!!


It then was time for a nice little photo call, once we all had our drinks.  The dusky sky and the lovely frosted lamps really made for some good pics!!!  What didn’t was the sunset.  It was spectacular but none of our photos came out at all.  Boo.

BFFs in the truest sense!
Three New Amigos!

Sadly the sun set and the temperature rose, and that meant that we had to get onto our next adventure.

We did naturally have to take a few photos on the way out though….

Loved the first ride so much, he thought he would try again!
Stunning majlis in the heart of the hotel
Pool looks magical at night
Enough coffee to even get me to wake in the mornings!!

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