Claw BBQ Crabshack & Grill, Dubai

I would like to give a shout out to Claw in Souk Al Bahar, which is consistently good.  So few places are anymore. From the food to the team; there is no bad here as far as I can tell.

I had a bit of a rubbish day so to cheer me up The Boy took me to lunch.  He knows that Claw will always work instantly.  They have pork ribs.  I am so easy to please.

This time though I decided to be different.  Check me being all brave and darey!!

I had my usual Jumbo Buffalo Shrimp to start with.  They are just gorgeous.  The sauce is silky and hotttttt.  The shrimp are tender and perfectly cooked.  The coating still has a good crunch to it despite being smothered in sauce.  The blue cheese dip on the side is so mild that even I eat it.  It just is all perfectly done and I could eat so many of them it’s not even funny.

This is where I got different: instead of my usual half rack of ribs I decided that I needed to try something new.  I went with the Shredded BBQ sandwich.  The pulled pork is just divine.  It’s all flavoury and soft and tender and delicious, and they have a dipping sauce on the side.  It has creamy coleslaw in the bun too.  Just heaven.  But soooooo messy.  This is NOT date night food people!

Then I got REALLY different.  I actively wanted a dessert.  Me.  I so very rarely order a dessert in a restaurant.  I normally try some of The Boy’s pudding, but I just don’t like the lovely savory taste of the starter and main to get lost in a bunch of sugar.   I just am not a huge fan.  Well, 99% of the time.  I’ve already confessed to the Chocolate Bar fiasco!!

This time was that 1% and I went for it.  I ordered, well, I can’t remember what it is called! I It’s something to do with “Big Daddy” but that’s all I remember.  What I do know however is that it is a caste iron skillet baked chocolate chip cookie, served with ice cream, chocolate sauce and a few more chocolate chips.

I wonder if I can nip there this lunch time?

Bloody amazing.  Like, seriously…. the best dessert I have had in an absolute age.  It was hot, and chewy and crunchy and cold and melty and well, just spectacular.

I really really wish I had more room, but I made a very valiant attempt at finishing it….

I will bring a doggy bag next time.

Yeah, I deserve to go to weight loss hell for that.  But I will be having it again at some point because you don’t discover something that amazing and walk away from it.

Thank you Claw for having never let your standards slide!

(See… I was saying positive things back in July 2015 too!!)

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    1. Hands up who thinks this is a spambot 🙋

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