My favourite night of the year!  Well, the party night around the 31st, anyway!

Halloween was never such a big thing back home, but after living in Bermuda for 5 years, where the American’s take over days like this, I love it!  It is so much fun.  The only night of the year where you can dress up as crazy as you want, and no one bats an eyelid…

Ok, so in Dubai it is slightly different! 

There isn’t such a huge build up to it, but the expat community tries its best.  Pumpkins suddenly get their own display, instead of just being cut into wedges to be sold.

Pumpkin Patch!

Then there are the parties!  There is a huge one at Nasimi Beach on the Palm and then smaller ones at bars across the city. 

There was also a “Getting Ready for Halloween Party” at my house!  Amy, Sarah and I decided that we needed Witches Brew (more commonly known as cosmos!) and dance music, to get ready for our night out… with the most fantastic results:

A Nurse, A Pirate, and A Cop!

Amy sadly had another party to go to, but Sarah and I had a blast!  We went off to a dive bar, that is fast becoming a favourite, and did a little Karaoke (shout out to Ian at Rock Bottom Tecom!), got free drinks ..

Lots of free drinks!
And danced up a storm with a teeny little man!
Teeny little man!

You’ve got to love Halloween!!

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