I feel a bit of a moralistic rant coming on…

Here’s the background:  A girl was photographed giving a boy a blow job at an Eminem concert over the weekend.  She has been hash-tagged on Twitter as #SlaneGirl as the concert was at Slane Castle in Ireland.  There are other photos (4 apparently) showing other things.  I don’t want to know.

Anyway, this girl has been absolutely blasted for being a whore.  Rightly so?  Quite possibly.  But what of the jackass she is blowing.  Typically he has escaped the scorn.

Let the rant commence:

Firstly, what are the laws in Ireland on a) distributing photographs of people without their knowledge or consent, b) distributing pornographic material without the persons knowledge or consent, and c) what age do said persons have to be before legally being able to produce pornographic material?

My view on the girl:  Stupid and irresponsible.  She needs a little self respect and a higher set of morals.

My view on the boy: Stupid and irresponsible.  He needs a little self respect and a higher set of morals.

They are both to blame and they are both ridiculous.

He needn’t look so pleased with himself.  He was lowering and embarrassing himself too.

What is the age of consent in Ireland anyway?  He needs to be careful because that girl does not look 17.  He was lucky she was.  If it came out that she was 15 he would be in for a world of hurt right about now.

What about the future for these two idiots?

School and college will be unbearable for her.   Sadly he will continue to be high five’d by his peer group one imagines. University applications will be difficult.  Future employers will take this into consideration.  Potential spouses will have to accept this, and what happens when they are introduced to the in-laws for the first time?  Their children and their grandchildren will be ale to see these photographs.

This is the flipside of living in the age of the internet.  Nothing is deleted.  Nothing is unseen.

Rant mostly over now.  All that is left to say is that my heart breaks for this poor girl.  Yes, she was stupid and irresponsible, but she is still a girl.  Only just out of ‘childhood’, and still in her teens.  She is going to have to live with this forever, but in the more foreseeable future, she will have to deal with the wrath of her family, and the ridicule, judgment and condemnation of every person with a cyber-opinion.

And the buffoon boy will be laughing away without a care in the world… unless he is lucky enough to have a good Irish Mammy who will beat some sense into him.


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