Vergelegen, Somerset West

Tannie and I had a lovely girls’ afternoon today at the stunning vineyard, Vergelegen.  Well, it’s not just a vineyard.  It’s so much more!

The estate is over 300yrs old and boasts the most beautiful grounds I think I have seen so far.  (Grounds, not lake!  That’s still the Stark Conde one!)  It was always going to be a winner for Tannie as she is very much into plants and flowers and the like, but it managed to take my breath away too…. starting with beautiful lavender patches.

We stopped for lunch at The Stables – one of three restaurant choices there.  Not only was the food gorgeous, but the view was too.

After a leisurely lunch and glass of their delectable wine, we had a quick look around the grounds.  Did I mention how amazing they are yet?!  But seriously… they just keep going on and on and on and on.  We found architecture that dates back to the 1700’s and also trees that were planted between 1700 and 1706.  Can you imagine  They are obscenely large and now roped off as they have been declared heritage trees.

Sadly we couldn’t have walk about and see all the grounds as we had to get back to the private exhibition that the divine and obscenely talented Catharina de Bliquy was hosting that night.

(Do yourselves a favour and click on that link and have a look at her work.  It’s just perfection.)


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