Harbour Rock, Hermanus

We had a bit of a lazy morning after Catharina De Bliquy’s private exhibition the night before.  It had been a wonderful night (as you may have read here) but it was a late one and quite a drive home!

We did decide a drive was in order though, and also somewhere new to explore.

We ended up in Hermanus at a lovely little ocean side restaurant called Harbour Rock.  It was literally on the top of the rocks over looking the ocean.  I would imagine on a clear day that the views were breath taking.  Sadly, it was overcast and windy as heck that day!

This is well worth the drive though.  It’s a fairly basic restaurant to look at, but the food is out of this world.  Not only that, but the staff are so kind and friendly, and will go out of their way to help you.

My accent did prove a bit on the strong side for one lovely lady though, and I had to give in and let Tannie and Albert order for me!  When it came to the food though, it was a bit trickier.  I wanted to try something new and exciting, but have no idea what all the fish on the menu was!  This is where I found the manager, who was honestly the nicest and most helpful chap we had met on our Cape Town Food Tour holiday.

I am so, so pleased that I asked to speak with him because I had the best fish dinner I have had in memory.


 He cobbled it together after talking me through my likes and dislikes.  I could have eaten it twice over.  Ok, I would have been ridiculously poorly had I eaten two sets of that much food, but I also think it would have been kind of worth it because it was just so good.

All too soon I had hoovered up all that delicious fish, and some ice cream, and really good wine which I should have thought to note down the name off, and we were back in the car.  The drive there had been long and a little dull, but what we didn’t know is that Tannie had driven us that way so that we would catch the light on the water on the way home.  And wow.  We even managed to get as far as Strand and watch the most stunning sunset with Table Mountain in the background.

I’m just going to add a few photos because I have no idea what the places were we found.


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