Corona Chronicles – Week 2 Round-up

So, as you can see, I stopped the daily updates. Why, I hear you cry! Well that’s an easy answer… Because it’s boring! Nothing changes. Nothing happens. I don’t have kids or a husband to write about. I have Jane the Virgin and I can’t write about that because I don’t do spoilers.

The highlights of this week have been cooking related.

Firstly, I treated myself to a shopping permit. We are only allowed one once every three days now. I wanted to use mine to it’s best advantage and so went to Park’n’Shop on Al Wsal. It’s not that far but it is a taxi ride away so it felt like a real treat!

Talking of treats, this place is packed full of them. So much English food that you can’t get anywhere else. I was trying really hard not to buy all the snacks, but a few inevitably found their way into my basket. What I still can’t find though is self raising flour. Very frustrating.

I’ve had a bit of an international food week. Mostly Chinese and Mexican. Home made, not take out. I know I am good at those and that’s largely down to practice. They are two of my favourite cuisines so I practice often. The Mexican this week was a whole new level though.

Firstly, I did a beef thing to put on the nachos. It was amazing. I may have used a little too much chilli but I don’t mind that. I would have to alter if I was cooking for someone else. Only problem is that I didn’t write down what I was doing. I just added things until it smelt right. It was soooo right too. Super please.

Next up of the surprisingly good was the guacamole I made. Again, I’ve made it a tonne of times but never have I aced it as much as I did this time. No clue what I did differently but it was so good that I made it twice – once for the original night, once for the next nights leftovers. Incidentally, the beef was even better the second night too.

I’m pleased to announce that found that there is an outdoor section to my building. You’re not allowed out there for long without security herding you back in, but you can sit out and get some fresh air at least. My preference is after the sun has gone down but I also note that Vitamin D is essential at the moment.

I dragged myself outside during daylight hours and was rewarded by having a nice chat with a neighbour. I hadn’t met them before but they have the most adorable small dog. I don’t know the breed but Ziggy is only 4 months old and super excited to meet people. The owner, Eric, is a lovely American boy who has only been here for 6 months. We have decided that when lockdown is over, we shall have a nice master chef dinner. He has been experimenting more than I have so I voted him head chef.

Tinder has now annoyed me. I cannot deal, of obvious reasons, cannot deal with the lies and the bullshit. It was amusing for a while because it’s so blatant, but then after that it just gets annoying and brings up wider annoyances. Like, why do people lie? What’s the point? But as we all know, lies are a trigger for me.

I would like to state though that I have met some really lovely people too, who I thoroughly enjoy chatting with. I don’t know if they are going to be love matches or just really good friends but I am thankful to have met the couple that I am still talking to. They have really cheered me up. Roll on the end of this lockdown so we can finally go for a coffee!

You know who else I’m missing? My girls. I miss going for my morning 5k and gossip. I miss going exploring. I miss going for dinners. I miss going for ladies nights. I miss randomly bumping into people I like when I’m walking around the area most of us work. I miss going to peoples houses for a glass of wine. I am so thankful that we are all healthy and safe, but still, I need my people!

Speaking of my people, I have had the news that a few family members have had the virus. Or still have it. It’s really worrying. There is nothing I could do if I was home but there is less that I can do from here. They all appear to be fighting it off very well, but even then it’s a rough one. All I can do is send my angels to watch over them and to think happy, positive and healthy thoughts for them.

The last of my news updates is the digging outside. It appears to be going very well indeed. I still have no clue what they are digging for, or why they are digging by hand and not using a machine to do it, but they now need a ladder to get in and out!

Much love, and stay safe xx

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