If you want to go see this show, you need to go in with no expectations at all… just as I did.

Stop reading, please!!

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Right… now they have all gone… I can get on with it!!

Sadly, I don’t think words can convey just how blown away I was with this performance! Initially, the only reason I went is because Mum wanted to go. The idea of dancing horses and acrobats doesn’t fill me with joy. It mostly filled me with dread, actually.  2hrs bored out of my brain in cramped conditions, pretending not to be.

Thankfully, I couldn’t have been any more wrong if I tried! Literally, the only downside to this whole show was that it flew by and felt super short! I could have happily sat through so much more!!

The horses…. Where to start?  They are  honestly some of the most beautiful and well cared for animals I have ever seen.  I just wanted to break in back stage and give them all big cuddles!!  The love of the humans for these majestic creatures is so abundant, that you would be blind not to see it.  Everything that the hoses do is rewarded with whispered words and stroking.  They are always presented to the crowd for their own applause, which they are absolutely worthy of.

I just cannot get over how beautiful they are though.  Gleaming coats.  Flowing manes and tails.  Sparkly eyes.  Muscular and powerful.  Yet so well-behaved and gentle.  I wish I could meet with them.  I don’t suppose they would be allowed polos (my sister’s horse, William’s favourite snack!), but I want to give them all a treat!

There were a couple that stood out.  Sadly, I am not into horses enough to tell the difference between them.  There was a cheeky grey one that was performing with 4 others in a formation sequence.  I just think this horse had a bit more character than the rest.  A little cheeky and not quite in sync yet.  Made me think it was the baby of the group.  So pretty, and with the personality, he was my favourite!!

There was a TEENY horse!  A miniature, literally.  Didn’t look like a Shetland Pony to me, but then again I have never seen one run before so it could have been!

Then, there was the most stunning white horse with absolutely amazing coat, mane and tail.  Silky smooth and just perfect.  Also, I think this horse had the most soulful eyes I have seen.

The one thing I am not a fan of, and remember not being a fan the first time I saw this kind of show years back, is when they are jumping up and down on the horses backs.  I know they are light as a feather, that they are trained on exactly how to jump with minimum impact, that they are alway so on the hind quarters of the horse – never on the spine, and that the blankets are padded…. but I just don’t like it.  It’s not logical, I know, but it’s true.  I can admire the skill and balance and stuff that is needed, and I did politely applaud at the appropriate moment at the end, but I saved my real applause for the horse!!

Aside from the horses, there were a bunch of human performers too.  On top of the trainers, and the riders and the ‘jumping on the horses back’ people, there were acrobats and aerial performers too.

The humans, for me personally, were the fluff bit between the interesting parts.  With a few notable exceptions. 

The balance and strength it takes to pull off a couple of the pyramid type things, was insane!  Also, when they jumped off and caught each other just before the moment of ‘splat’, that was super impressive!!

The ladies on the aerial stuff though were super impressive.  Beyond so.  I really do not think that most people have a clue how much strength it takes to throw yourself around only using one hand holding onto a rope thing… let alone to hold someone else too!  I was so disappointed at our crowd for not giving them the proper recognition they truly deserved.  These ladies are athletic and balletic (is that a real word?) at the same time, and that is incredible.

My favourite of all though, just for fun factor was the man who was chased by the miniature horse!  I think he got the biggest round of applause of them all!!

Not much else I can think to say.  It was just phenomenal.  I want to go and see it again, and I want to meet the horses!  I know it’s unlikely, but it’s true!!!!!

Thank you so much to this amazing team of people and animals for giving me one of the best nights in Dubai I have ever had.

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