I Heart FlavorGod Seasonings

Hello.  My name is Sharon and I am a FlavorGod addict.

Now that is out the way, I want to explain how wicked awesome these seasonings are!

A standard pack has 4 flavours…. Garlic Lovers, Everything, Spicy Everything and Lemon & Garlic.

I have just had to order Garlic Lovers again because I am nearly out.  I have put it in vegetable bakes, pasta sauces, eggplant lasagna, and even sprinkled it on the onions and peppers I was cooking to go into an omelette the other day and it was mind-blowingly good!

Everything has been thrown on, well, everything!  My favourite was when I sprinked on potato wedges just before they were cooked.  I had to make a second tray.

Spicy Everything has been on a fair amount too, but was absolutely mouthwatering on roasted soy/edamame beans.

The Lemon & Garlic was liberally sprinkled over prawns/shrimp before I popped them under the grill/broiler.  Just wow.

That is my findings to date.  I have no doubt there will be more experimentation again this weekend, especially as the last batch I bought came with a recipe book!  Nothing I like more than following a tried and tested idea and then build on it at a later date!  Also, they had a limited edition Chipolte seasoning this time.  Naturally I bought that to try too so it’s at the top of my usage list!

Now… I want to explain why I spent a small fortune buying these seasonings and having them shipped from California to Dubai.

Instagram.  Yes, that’s right.  Instagram.  I randomly stumbled over FlavorGod on Instagram when I was feeding my food photo addiction.  I kept liking pictures and then noticing that they were either by FlavorGod, or they were tagged in.  Naturally I started following them, and the more I saw, the more interested I became.

Initially I was just looking at the pictures, then progressed to reading the recipes, but then I started to pay attention to other words that were appearing… “gluten free’, “GMO free”, “sugar free”.  All winning statements.  Add to that “freshly ground to order”.  A foodies’ dream, especially where food intolerance runs rife.

The pricing didn’t seem too bad, but then again I am a horrible judge.  Having lived in a bunch of places, I have no concept of the value of money.  I just spend it.  I had a think and discussed it with another foodie I know.  The decision was made that this has to be way better for you than the crap you buy at the supemarkets, so it would be worth it.  The order was made.

Was it worth it?  Oh. My. Word. Yes.

I have literally cooked with them every day since.  The flavours just are so pure and crisp that it brightens up everything.  The aromas when they hit the pan make your mouth water.  There is literally not a downside to this product.  The cost pales into insignificance with the quality, and actually, I don’t think it’s that bad at all anyway.  I would happily pay full price and shipping over and over.  In fact, I will do!

I am a FlavorGod addict and fan.

Thank you so much to Owner and Creator Chris Wallace, for sharing your skills with the world!  I look forward to hearing when your new products are being launched, and you know that one of your first orders of them will be winging its way to Dubai within hours of launch!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. ilonagee says:

    Is it available in Dubai? Where do you buy it from? From the way you described the flavors, I just wanna go and hit the supermarket and buy. 🙂 I am addicted to spices and would love to try this out 🙂

    1. Hello! They are not available in Dubai, but if you go to their website (link in first para), you will see that they deliver worldwide! It takes about 3 weeks from delivery to having them, but I promise they are worth the wait!! Happy shopping!!!

      1. ilonagee says:

        Thanks a lot 🙂

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