Christmas Trees!!

I am a bit obsessed with Christmas Trees this week.  Normally I like them well enough, but this week I can’t walk past them without taking pictures.  Thankfully, there aren’t that many.

Here is my collection of pics so far…

This is at Emirates Towers, outside The Ivy.


This is at the Dubai Mall Medical Centre:


This is at the Address Dubai Mall:


And they have these cute reindeer dotted around too:


This is at the Irish Village:


A little bit more about this one.  It was a lovely evening.  We went up to the Irish Village after work yesterday for mulled wine and mince pies, and to watch the lights be switched on and sing carols with the choir.  It was a lovely evening, despite being chilly!

Here is the choir:


And because it was beautiful (and everyone was taking pics so I didn’t look super crazy!), I went up close and took a couple more:



After that, I went to my friend Kelly’s house and helped her dress her tree!  That was super fun and we did a really good job:


And, to show you the height of this thing… I am 6ft tall!!


On the way home, I was walking down the boulevard and all the twinkly lights on the palm trees made me smile, so I thought I would take pictures of them too:



I woke this morning feeling super Christmassy, and tired, but mostly Christmassy!  I felt I should put up my decorations before work:


Yeah, I don’t do decorations in my house!!!!

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  1. Ren says:

    I definitely share your love of Christmas trees Shan (like YOU don’t know that LOL!!), but mine is not just from now, I have always really loved Christmas.

    Now over the years its been hard to keep my love for this time of the year, growing up and older is not always easy, and I have been unfortunate to have some challenges happen to me always over this time of the year. Last year I even considered not to unpack Christmas at my house, and anyone who knows me will know its quite the event.

    This year however I have decided to reclaim my internal love for Christmas and all it stands for. It is after all the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, and that is first and foremost on my list to celebrate. Then Christmas for me symbolizes the incredible people in my life. My family chosen for me, and my family I chose for myself. No one will ever know how intensely deep I love each and every single one of you. And you all know who you are!!! And no matter how hard, sad, alone and difficult it gets, my “family” have always stood with me, and for that I will always be humbled and forever grateful. And that to me is Christmas, that unconditional love, support and guidance I get from those special ones in my life.

    Yes, we do not always agree on everything, and we challenge and push each other to grow strong and strive to be awesome, like the examples of people who have become before us. Those people… parents, grand parents, uncles and aunts, friends not with us anymore…

    So to honor all those wonderful people in my life, present and past, I have unpacked Christmas with vengeance, and nothing or no one will take this from me…

    And Shan, I have had the privileged to celebrate Christmas with you a couple of times. You are my family I chosen for myself. Your family is family I have chosen for myself. When I was living abroad, you and your family took me in, and loved and supported me, like my own family sometimes can not, for what ever reason that might be. And you and your mom has showed me how Christmas must be celebrated. Weather we are shoved in around that table creaking under the weight of that amazing Christmas dinner your mom and dad cooked, or the endless unwrapping of presents in the lounge, those peculiar ones we still don’t know what they are… to the sitting on the public swimming pool steps and crying my heart out…

    That is and always will be Christmas for me. And this year I have the incredible privilege to have you with me again. And that makes Christmas just that little bit more special. And I need to and want to thank you for that. We have shared a lot, been through a lot, laughed over so much more, and cried over even more. You have always managed to brighten up my day, no matter how gloom, and I hope I can do that for you too…

    Now I don’t really know how I managed to get on this tangent, its far deeper than planned, and I really just wanted to share a picture of our tree this year, to add to your collection… Sorry for getting too deep and emotional, but you know what, it also has to be said, so I apologise to those who got bored out of their minds… And go figure, commenting does not allow me to post a picture… bummer!!

    Love you lots, see in a couple of days!!

    1. Oh Albert! I have tears free flowing like a mascara river here! I love you with all my heart, as does my family, and I cannot wait to share Christmas with you! I will help you take it back, and own it once more! I love you xxxx

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