Keep the Ban on Fox Hunting

I do not like foxes.  There, I said it.  They are mangy, mean animals that scavenge and scare domestic animals.

I grew up in a town with a very large park, and although foxes were never seen when I was a child, that wasn’t the case by the time I left.

Did you know that you can’t report a fox den unless it’s in your own back garden?  So, the den that’s in the shared communal drive way in the road behind, that homes the foxes that come into your garden defecate and howl up a storm while you’re trying to sleep, has to be left alone.  They and future generations of these furry rats are secure to terrorise you family pets for as long as they want to.

Also, foxes are getting increasingly bold, and urban foxes are now attacking humans.  Yep.  It happens.  It’s ridiculous.  So not only will they attack your pets, but don’t leave any doors or windows open if you’ve got active foxes next to you as they will come into your home and attack your sleeping children.  Don’t believe me?  Click here.

However, do I support the lifting of the ban on fox hunting?


I think that it is absolutely barbaric to send a pack of humans on horseback and a pack of dogs chasing a fox, until the poor thing collapses and then is ripped apart by said pack of dogs, while the humans ride off for a shot of something calming.

Much as I can’t stand foxes, unless of course they are Fantastic Mr. Fox or Basil Brush, you cannot torture an animal to death and call it sport.  It is wrong and inhumane.

I do however entirely support a cull of foxes in areas where their population is problematic.  These animals should be out in the fields and stuff, not in an urban environment.  Places like Richmond Park cull the deer annually and in as humanely way as possible.  It is possible and it should be done.

And yes, I know we only have ourselves to blame as we have expanded so far into the green belt that we have taken away their natural habitats, but that’s a rant against greed that I will save for another day!

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