Cafe Franschhoek (Name gives away the location!)

We arrived in Cape Town a lot more awake and alert than we had expected, which is a very good thing as Tannie bought us home to drop our cases and then straight out the front door again!

We headed along the beautiful drive to Franschhooek.  Just for a little background, it’s one of the oldest towns in South Africa and was settled by the French in the late 1600’s.

We parked up and took a stroll along the main street which is called Huguenot Road – named after the Huguenot’s who were the French settlers.  We were ambling along, mostly looking at the stunning old Cape Dutch style buildings which still line either side of the road but also in order to find somewhere for breakfast, when we stumbled across Cafe Franschhoek.

What a dear little place!

Located opposite a beautiful example of the architecture of the area (no idea what it was except pretty!), this little cafe was a not only a great ‘people watching’ spot but also had a beautiful menu which didn’t disappoint when or orders arrived.

I had the cheese and tomato omelette, and Albert and Tannie had the Eggs Benedict with ham.  All I can say is, YUM.

And, they had this amazing locally produced lavender salt and pepper.  Flavour explosions in your mouth!

I think all that is left to do is to post more pictures!!!!

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